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5 wedding photos Ideas

5 Wedding Photos Ideas

If you flip through enough wedding albums or spend really any time checking out wedding images on Pinterest, you’ll see a common theme among wedding photos. There are some shots that are pretty much a sure thing at every wedding, be it the grand exit shot filled with falling colorful confetti or the even more expected tight shot on the hands when exchanging rings.

Now – don’t get me wrong – there is absolutely nothing wrong with these photos, and they are typical simply because they are such important moments of the wedding day. But what if you wanted to capture something a bit more unexpected? To break out of the wedding ring box and add some spice or pizzazz to the typical wedding pics? Here are 5 wedding photo shoots that will leave you with super fun photographs and some unforgettable memories to boot.

1.    Engagement Shoot:

engagement photo in Lincoln Park Chicago

Many photographers now include an engagement session in their wedding packages. This can be elaborately themed or a walk in the park.  You can even hang out in home in your pajamas. This is a great chance to see your photographer in action and to figure out your best angles!

Engagement Session in Chicago area

2. Photo Booth: You don’t have to stick to the standard posed photos at your wedding or even hope that your photographer manages to capture those precious candid moments. Brides and grooms are bringing in their own props to add a more personal touch to the wedding pics, providing them the opportunity to bring out their personalities and have some fun with the wedding photos. I’ve seen everything from a huge wooden plane for a travel-themed wedding to an oversized vintage frame that the couple took pics sitting in, and even dozens of balloons that the couple held while staring straight into the camera. Another fun option? Go the photo booth route, a very popular choice for weddings that provides instant gratification. You can have props like mustaches, sunglasses, and tiaras for some playful and intimate shots of just the two of you taking a moment away from the wedding hoopla.
3.    City Chic Photo Shoot:

Wedding Chic Photo in Detroit

Whether it’s during your cocktail hour or before the wedding day events even begin, hike up your white skirt and hit the streets for some downtown cityscape that will add an edgy beauty to your wedding pics.

bridal party in downtown Chicago

You can go with glam shots in front of magnificent fountains or other city landmarks that encompass the cosmopolitan feel or go for a more gritty tone with subway shots featuring funky graffiti or rundown buildings for some pics off the beaten path. No props necessary – the city’s bustling life will give you all the look you could ever need.
4.    Trash The Dress Photo Shoot:

Trash the Dress Photography

Let’s face it. The chances that your little girl will one day wear your wedding dress lie somewhere between slim and none, so you may not really feel the need to pack your gown away and preserve it for her future wedding date. If that’s the case, why not have some fun with your gown?

Trash the Dress in water

Trash the Dress photo shoots are pretty much exactly how they sound. Once the wedding day is over, the bride dresses back up and then takes sensational photos that she can only capture if she’s willing to let her gown get a bit damaged in the process. This is a particularly popular shoot for couples that get married by the water. Trash the Dress sessions let you get photos out in the ocean or the mid-air pic of you jumping hand-in-hand off a dock into a lake. These are photos that you simply could never get if you weren’t willing to risk ruining your wedding gown.
5.    Rock the Frock Photo Shoot:

bride and groom with boots

If you’re looking for some non-traditional pics that will rock your socks off, Rock the Frock photo sessions are your answer. These pics have a similar premise to the Trash the Dress photos – putting a bride in her wedding dress in unexpected scenarios to shock and awe with their surprising nature, but these photos don’t require that you actually destroy your wedding dress in the process. In a band? Take this photo shoot literally and rock out with your electric guitar in your gown and veil.

photos with bride and groom on the boatOr hey, throw a leather jacket on over your gown and some riding boots under it for amazing pics on a Harley, or laze about in a canoe all dressed up in your gown, grazing your hands through the water as your man rows. When it comes to the Rock the Frock photo session, it’s about whatever floats your boat!

There is no doubt that you will want to capture all of the traditional photos on your wedding day, but if you’ve been searching for a way to let your personalities truly shine in your wedding pictures, you may just want to set up one of these fabulously fun wedding photo shoot ideas.

by: Doru Halip
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