Bryan and Susie engagement photos

Suzie and Brian are very much in loveBryan and Susie’s engagement photos in West Dundee

One of our photographer friends, Annette Leibovitz, referred Bryan and Susie to our business. We met the couple at our studio location and the couple told us they plan to be getting married in the summer. Their wedding will take place at the Boulder Ridge Country Club in Lake in the Hills, which is a a beautiful location to have a wedding reception.

It is still pretty cold in Chicago area right now, so the couple came warmly dressed for their engagement photos in Dundee. We first started the photo session in West Dundee and then moved to the Fox River to get some beautiful riverside winter shots. Once we were done there, we ended the day at the Race Woods Forest Preserve to really capture the winter white snow.

To get the couple a little more comfortable, we just walked around the West Dundee town looking for interesting scenery the couple could pose next to. We captured a few great shots of them up against different brick walls hold and kissing each other. By that point, they felt a little more comfortable with me and that’s when they shared their true intimacy with one another in the photos.

When we moved over to the Fox River location, the couple was walking hand to hand and smiling. In one of the shots, Bryan and Susie posed near the river where the ducks were swimming behind them. It was a nice opportunity to have a flowing river behind them and to capture a little bit of wild life in their engagement photos.

To finish off the day, Bryan and Susie played in the snow and had a small snowball fight at the Race Woods Forest Preserve. There was a lot of laughter and snow throwing, which really brought out some great shots and captured a lot of fun little moments of them together. There was one scene where Brian and Suzie both walked in the snow to create a huge heart pattern. We took advantage of it and got some beautiful and authentic winter shots of them side by side.

Looking forward for the wedding day!

By:Doru & Claudia Halip

Click to see photos from their wedding at Boulder Ridge Golf Club.


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  1. We love our engagement pictures! Thank you for everything and we look forward to the wedding as well!!

    1. Thanks you Susie!! We are very excited about the wedding!

  2. really nice work. They look like such a happy couple! I love the snow heart.

  3. wow! You really captured that special something about this couple. So much love!

    1. Thank you Kellie! They are such special couple! We really enjoy photographing their engagement session.

  4. Absolutely breathtaking! Amazing work!

      1. You’re welcome! I just love your style. 🙂

  5. Amazing job capturing this couple’s engagement session! They must be so happy with their portraits!

  6. Wonderful Engagement Session especially the one laying on the tree with the snow, just lovely

  7. Beautiful I love the colours!

  8. Love these pictures – such a loving couple! Looking forward to the wedding!

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