Engagement Photography Lake Zurich IL

Engagement Session Lake Zurich IL 

Engagement Session Lake Zurich IL

Sarah and Justin are the epitome of love and friendship. Marriage is a wonderful experience that comes with its fair share of ups and downs. However, it gets a lot easier when your spouse is your best friend. The engagement session held for Sarah and Justin showed just how much these lovers couldn’t do without each other for even a split second. The engagement photography session was held in preparation for their wedding, which will take place this November at River Roast venue in Chicago. For Sarah and Justin, this is more than just a wedding. It is the beginning of a lifelong union of friends who can’t do without each other.

As their smiles beamed, agreeing with the ambience brought about by lush greens, the photos looked like something out of a storybook. Why wouldn’t it? The couple couldn’t do without touching each other. As they spoke endlessly to each other, the couple gazed out at Lake Zurich telling endless tales. The sun started to set on this blissful couple’s conversation, but they couldn’t be bothered, the company of one another was enough. The couple also took long walks as their photos were taken, paying very little attention to the fact that photographers were working behind the scenes.

The first part of the engagement photography session was held in Cuba Marsh Forest Preserve during the golden hour, the most favorite hour for wedding and engagement photographers. Dressed in casual clothes, Justin and Sarah did not seem to have a care in the world. After the shoot in the Cuba Marsh Forest Preserve, the second part of the photo session was held around the  Lake Zurich. Justin even sported his really cool sunshades as the sun agreed with the couple.

As the couple strolled along the walkway, Justin carried Sarah in his arms, and I made sure to capture this very special moment. He was clearly filled with emotion as his bride to be grinned from ear to ear. This summer engagement session provided photos that the couple will love for years to come. The shoot was completely effortless, much like their love.

Photographer: Doru Halip

Click to see a sneak peek from their wedding at River Roast Chicago 

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