Engagement Photos Moraine Hills

Vlasta and Justin –Engagement Photos around Moraine Hills in McHenry IL

Before I could showcase their big day, today we got together for their Engagement Photos. Moraine Hills State Park by the Lake Defiance Trail and Fox River were chosen as their venue to bring in a touch of nature and serenity in the pictures.

Since they wanted to hire a photographer from McHenry county, I began their photo session by the Lake Defiance Trail. Justin was wearing an elegant looking red chequered shirt, with a decent beard, and he looked very confident. And Vlasta, she just looked amazing and adorable in her blue top with denim capris.

I must say that Justin and Vlasta’s sophisticated dressing really complimented the scenic beauty around as they posed around in the beautiful park.

I loved Vlasta’s energy and the way she presented her joy at this big day. Her beautiful smile and the gesture while she held Justin were truly magical.

Later on we moved closer towards the Fox River, Justin and Vlasta looked like a fairytale couple sitting on the top edge of the bench, wrapping each other in their arms right in front of the river.

What I loved most was their never ending energy. Both seemed full of life and just made me feel excited as I clicked every photo during the shoot. There was barely any moment when I did not see Justin and Vlasta smiling.

The way they both looked at each other had something very special. From looking at their stills, one can easily sense how much love and emotions they hold for each other.

Wonderful Spring weather with bright sunshine added even more life to my photography skills. Since Justin and Vlasta were so lost in enjoying every single moment, I simply took full advantage of their chemistry and took breathtakingly creative and candid shots.

The love and emotions were endless between the couple and I just loved shooting their pictures.

Photographer: Doru Halip – H Photography

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