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From Wild Wild West, poised, iconic and daring designs to angels and queens having breakfast in the hills and basking on life by the lake. Joanna Fashion’s wedding dresses and casual dresses convey sophisticated and refined messages, that will the ladies to exhibit they’re flare.

This session was taken  in Europe and reflects the artistic and the imagination of a boutique design company. Every model is unique and every bride gets to have it’s own style and vision for their wedding dress.

The theme of this fashion combined with wedding photography reflects a time when women were prideful and they would glow with class while remaining humbled behind powerful and elegant facades.

The lake photos where posing for weddings is ideal—with a natural backdrop—one mirroring a backdrop story of love, captures the essence of growth in the meadow, and trust in the stream.

A story can be read, emotions tender in a relationship can be seen in the surface of the lake. Bringing the beautiful characters to vicarious life in the make-up and hairstyle was Glow Beauty.

Fashion photography takes vision that is why the sky adorns over the session; you can really see what a life has become, and will go on to become in these photographs.

Joanna Fashion wanted to get some good shots for their clothing, wedding and casual. The H Photography chose abandoned train stations for the first shoot in the morning and a lake for the second shoot in the evening. Two scenes that worked heavenly to create a good mixture for fashion photos.  Here we have a shoot where shots will put you in deep connection with the poser. This is why we secretly go to weddings, we want to witness, and feel what is to find love. We want to live out what the bride and groom are living, we jump for the bouquet, we express our joy, and we are twinkling and in-touch with what life is really about.

Photographs are important to re-kindle the spirit of matrimony. It easiest to do this when the dress you are wearing speaks out loud for you. In a sentence who are you? Joanna Fashion’s dresses will inform everyone else for you, they provide single model dresses that are best fit for engagement fashion — as to be unique.

Trash the Dress swooped in at the right moment to dip the dresses in water, as they incorporated some of the magnificently conceptual posing’s in the water. What should be remembered on a wedding day? The bride, the groom, the suit, the tie, the audience, the food, the event—but what makes the biggest imprint in the moments counting down to ‘I do’ is the bride turning heads in her perfect dress.

Photography: Doru Halip  and Claudia Halip 

Assistant: Sandrino Andrei

Models: Otilia Hrebenciuc, Ioana Senciuc, Lavinia Cojocari and Ana Magdalen

Make up and hairstyle: Glow Beauty Place

Here are some of the best Trash the Dress photos


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