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Contrast Gallery

 Photography is a way to showcase something in a new way. Vibrant colors or a complete lack of hue, photos can give you a brand-new perspective on things. Something that you see every day can become new and thrilling. Contrast photography will offer you a new outlook for your photos, highlighting creativity and uniqueness.

If you are looking for a new and stunning photography style for your wedding photography or portraits, contrast photography may be just what you were hoping to find. An array of lovely photos captured with a dramatic contrast are showcased with different tones that create highlights, textures, clarity, colors, and shadows.

Are you hoping for exclusive and exquisite photos to display? If so, you can choose contrast photography to complement your vision. You will be able to look back fondly on your unique photos, as they will certainly present a creative appeal. Keep reading to learn how contrast photography can contribute to your photos:


  • High Contrast. High contrast images feature very dark shadows and bright highlights. Together, they highlight deep grain and colors, creating a raw and highly textured look.
  • Tonal Contrast. There will be different aspects of your photos that will be defined. A tonal contrast image focuses on the difference between the bright and the dark area of your images, creating them to appear more defined, or even undefined.
  • Low Contrast. Instead of creating very different and defined highlights and shadows within your images, low contrast photos tend to blend them. With the blending of your highlights and shadows, your photos will communicate a softer or flat look.
  • Color Contrast. Colors make the world a stunning place. With color contrast photos, you will see how the colors interact together. Certain hues will be higher in contrast and others will be lower in contrast, thus creating a unique ambience for your photos. Each color creates a feel for your photos based on the way it interacts with the other hues.
  • High-Key or Low-Key. High and low are generally opposites, but when it comes to high-key and low-key they are actually both contrast photography styles. While high-key photos feature bright tones and possess light grays and whites, a low-key photo will feature dim tones and possess mostly dark grays and blacks.
  • Editing Contrast. Editing the contrast in your images is a great way to showcase a new outlook on your photos. You will be working towards one of the two main goals when editing your photo contrast, and that would be to create exciting and dramatic photos or soft and ethereal images. No matter what vision you have for your photos, the contrast can be edited to complement the outcome you are seeking.

Contrast photography is a wonderful option for showcasing unique and creative photos! These are just a few of the many ways in which you can utilize contrast throughout your own photos.

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