Top Tips for Photographing an Awesome Chicago Marriage Proposal

Are you planning a marriage proposal?

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Your nerves are likely running high as you choose the perfect ring, location, and words to say as you propose to spend the rest of your life together. There are plenty of things that you can do to make this special moment completely unforgettable. However, there is a way to ensure that you and your partner never forget this life changing moment.

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Proposing is already an incredible action for you and your partner. But, you can make the moment even more amazing through photography. Hearts will beat faster, and time will appear to move faster as well. The smallest details can be forgotten, for you and your partner, in such a monumental moment. However, with a photographer capturing your proposal, you and your partner don’t have to forget a single detail. Everything will be highlighted beautifully!

A proposal is such a beautiful time within a couple’s life. That’s why we have put together the top reasons to capture your own marriage proposal through photography. To learn how you can relive this special occasion again and again, be sure to continue reading.Chicago Proposal

  • A Walk Through with Your Photographer. Before you drop to one knee and ask that very important question, you will need to do a walkthrough with your photographer. This will allow them to get a feel for how you want the moment to go, and plan the best course of action they can take with their camera. Finding the best hiding spots, as well as the best places to capture photos is a must. Not only will your photographer get an idea for your proposal, but this allows you to ensure your plan is fully thought out.

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  • Finding the Best Light. Lighting is a must for every photoshoot. In fact, lighting can create its own unique ambiance for your setting. If you are planning a fairytale worthy proposal, you can use the natural light to create a romantic setting. Your photographer will also need the best lighting to capture those magical photos, and they can work with you to find the best spots to capture your photos and propose.

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  • The Best Locations for Your Photos and To Pop the Question. There will likely be a lot more to your proposal than just dropping to one knee and presenting the ring. A longer and more intricate proposal will offer you a variety of shots for your photographer to capture your special moment. You may begin in one area and work your way to the perfect spot to pop the question. You and your photographer can work together to see what locations will provide the best setting for your photos and your big question.

  • Memories. Your proposal will be over in the blink of an eye. Your nerves may be running high as you prepare to pop the question, which may make it difficult for you to fully remember such a special milestone within your life. Capturing your proposal through photography will assist you with ensuring that none of the memories fade. You will be able to document every smile, emotion, and even tears of joy, letting you relive the excitement time and time again.
  • Follow-Up Photo Session. After popping the question, embark on a photo session! This is a wonderful way to showcase your excited emotions and your new relationship status. Show off the ring and highlight your affection for one another. The photos you will be presented with will be the perfect way to announce your proposal.

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These are a few tips to inspire you to create the most incredible proposal, and capture every heartwarming moment of it! If you are planning a proposal, it won’t be truly complete without a photographer to preserve your life changing question, and answer.

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