A New Leaf Wedding Chicago | Christina and McKenzie

New Leaf Wedding Chicago

Christina and McKenzie recently had their wedding at
A New Leaf in downtown Chicago, and the event was a beautiful one. It was an intimate wedding that just featured close friends of the bride and groom and their families. The ceremony was very emotional and the guests in attendance had a lot of fun while in attendance. The wedding was a remarkable one, and it was a privilege taking the photos of the bride and groom.


shoes in dark wedding rings on red box shoes of the bride new-leaf-wedding-chicago04 bridemaids make up and hair for bride Bride preparing the vows engagement ring Christina engagement ring balck and white portrait of the groom best man helping groom in mirror groomsmen having a shot portrait of the bride bridemaid helping the bride bride getting ready bridemaids posing by a new leaf venue sexy bride portrait bride portrait flower girls groom waiting for the bride father wlking down the aisle maid of honor reading a verset groom reading the vows reading vows bride crying wedding ceremony Chicago venue wedding A new Leaf Chicago kids with signs new-leaf-wedding-Chicago sexy couple summer wedding Chicago Bride and Groom wedding session Lincoln Park and Zoo wedding photo Lincoln park IL Chicago Bride Wedding Picture Wedding Lincoln Park sexy bride wedding picture in Lincoln park bridemaids posing groomsmen posing creative wedding photo fun bridal party Wedding-picture-Lincoln-park bridal party picture Chicago wedding photo photo session lincoln park bride-groom-a-new-leaf-photo wedding ceremony a new leaf wedding introduction aerial view at a new leaf wedding venue wedding dance bride groom first dance bride father dance happy couple at a new leaf wedding reception a new leaf bride portait a new leaf A new leaf wedding portrait groom smoking cigar at a new leaf Chicago fun wedding photos Christina smoking cigar A new leaf wedding

The wedding venue was definitely one to speak about. The New Leaf  Chicago has been in existence for a very long time, and was transformed into a beautiful venue for the wedding. It had an exquisite style to it, and all the decorations that were in place created a good atmosphere. The wedding venue had a certain spark to it, as the ambience made the guests very emotional while the couple had a night to remember.

In the hotel Lincoln across the street, the bride and groom got ready for the wedding ceremony. McKenzie looked very dapper in his black suit, as he packed his hair in a ponytail. His bride, Christina looked very pretty in her lovely dress. The couple couldn’t have picked a better wedding venue to have their special day. The wedding venue was just a three minute walk from the Lincoln Park, which was a beautiful place for us to hold a wedding photo session. The Lincoln park, which is located in the North side of Chicago has a rich history which goes back to the 1880’s.

The couple looked gracious in the park, as the environment agreed with them. They smiled and played with one another. McKenzie held his bride with all the love in his heart, and the Lincoln Park enjoyed having this beautiful couple over. At the ceremony in the New Leaf downtown Chicago, the couple took a number of playful photos. McKenzie stared into his bride’s eyes as she looked back at him ever so lovingly. Mckenzie looked dapper in his bowtie, as he danced with Christina into the night.

Photographers: Claudia Halip &  Daniel Catre

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