Roxana and Peter wedding photos at Palazzo Grande

Roxana and Peter had their wedding reception at  The Palazzo Grande in        Shelby Charter Township, MI

There are a few circumstances in life when one can easily say that they have risen above the irreversible passing of time. A page of reality has been immortalized and it is theirs to relive over and over again. On August 8th, Peter and Roxana have experienced the victory against TIME through their wedding photographs!Wedding-HPhotography121

Peter seeing his bride for the first time, Roxana’s mother holding on to the last embrace of her first child to wed before the new journey in front of her commences, the candid arrangement of the ivory bow tie that had Peter and his brother as main characters, together in their home, as single men, for the last time – these are all slices of reality, frozen in time, that Roxana and Peter will be able to relive for the rest of their lives because of photography.

The sun-drenched day of August 8th started with the couple’s walk around the park – the perfect opportunity to capture their love manifested freely at every step, with each glance and witnessed by their spirited bridal party. Leaned against a column, our lenses surprised Roxana in a moment of pure joy that came with the realization of the blessings poured over her and her groom. The same hour gave us the opportunity to play for a while with contrasts and symbols: while covered with her veil, as in a last attempt to preserve an element of unknown from her groom, Roxana’s face was illuminated by the soft rays of sunlight coming down from an oculus in the building, revealing her shimmering eyes, but also her innermost feelings.

The exuberance of colors revealed with every step by the deep blue in the bridesmaids dresses or by the harmonious floral arrangements was politely overcome by the delicate fragrance coming from Roxana’s sumptuous bouquet. It was as if that day all the roses, peonies, anemones and violets were awakened to shine in their most glorious form for the bride and her guests.

The formal wedding ceremony was filled with an incredible amount of emotion – a new story began and all the guests seemed to feel their hearts growing inside their chests knowing that they were true witnesses to the deepest manifestation of love – two lives forever united in one.

A 20 minute ride, that seemed to pass like a vapor, led the guests from the elegant church to the grandeur of the Palazzo Grande. A perfect symmetry of white and coral was brought to life by the delicate rays of light coming down from the grandiose chandeliers. The bride and groom, seated alone under flowing white drapes, had a panoramic view of their 800 guests and of their sweet table colorfully decorated with over 7000 pieces of mouth-watering petits fours, macaroons and chocolates, all created by Peter’s mother – a labor of love encompassing a true feeling of pride and satisfaction.

As the couple held hands in cutting the first slice of their wedding cake, one could see the accomplishment in their glance- a magnificent wedding was almost finalized and they, as main characters, performed the roles of their lives.

Join us in savoring Peter and Roxana’s celebration caught forevermore in time through our photographs. There will never be enough words to describe this day, but again – who needs words when you can feel the pictures just by immersing into them?

Photography: Doru & Claudia Halip 

Text: Alexandra Boldea

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