The Byron Colby Barn Wedding

Sabrina and Brian – Rustic Wedding at The Byron Colby Barn in Grayscale IL 

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that every wedding should incorporate something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. WELL, Fun fact #1: that saying comes from an Old English rhyme and those items are intended to bring the good luck to your big day. Fun fact #2: Sabrina and Brian had the “something old” thing down pat at their fall wedding held at the gorgeous Byron Colby Barn in Grayscale. Vintage charm was the name of the game for this very photographable wedding, and I am so excited to share the images from that day with you!



 Sabrina and Brian met at Illinois State University in their math class, junior year. This is how Brian proposed: “Brian got all of my favorite sports stars, celebrities, our students, and family and friends to create videos showing their love and support for us. He had the entire day planned, filled with all my favorite people, activities, food, and drinks.”

Though it’s hard to narrow down, I think my favorite vintage element from the entire wedding was the Brian and Sabrina’s energy and their friends dancing and laughing all the time. In addition to being a gorgeous display, you could absolutely tell that everyone was swept up in the emotions of it all, and that they had a great time celebrating together.

The ceremony took place outdoor in front of the barn and it was a spectacular moment. 
Sabrina and mom
walking down the aisle


ring exchange

Right after the outdoor ceremony we decided to take some wedding portraits by Lake Aldo Leopold

in Grayscale.

Brian and Sabrina
wedding party
Lake Aldo Leopold
groomsmen and the bride
bridesmaids and groom
portrait by Lake Aldo Leopold
the dip
on the bench
back of the dress
close up
vintage car

Sabrina and Brian says, “Our wedding was the perfect fit for us. We had about 90 people at the Byron Colby Barn (a simple, cozy, smaller venue); we loved that we were able to do our ceremony and happy hour in the beautiful courtyard, during fall time and then move everything inside for the rest of the night. We had a small wedding party, BBQ food, drinks, and everybody danced the entire night. The entire day was special; we loved seeing everybody else enjoying themselves and having a great time!” Isn’t that so awesome?

parents introduction
bride and groom great introduction

best man speech
maid of honor speech
serving salads
fun shots
first dance

parents and kids dance
dollar dance
lady in blue


Here is what Sabrina and Brian had to say about any advice they would give to brides and grooms planning their day: 

“Some advice I would give to the bride and groom, planning their big days, would be to keep everything simple (if possible). Our ceremony, happy hour, reception were simple. Even the decorations, I kept minimal. People are going to remember their experience, rather than expensive and exquisite food and decorations. I would also do a dollar dance! It was really amazing to see how many people I was able to have a personal conversation with because I danced with them for a minute (we also made a good chunk of money)!”
For our honeymoon, they went to New Buffalo Michigan for a few days (they used their dollar dance money to buy sweatshirts!). Since they are both teachers, they didn’t want to take too many days off; it was a perfect little getaway!

Thank you again for inviting me to be part of your day, Sabrina and Brian and congratulations on hosting a beautiful, love-filled wedding! A big thank you to Sean Trudeu from Wedstart Production for the good music and great sound! 

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