Wedding Photography Mount Prospect

Wedding  Old Orchard Country Club in Mount Prospect with Kevin and Pooja

It was a beautiful day in Chicago for soon-to-be newly weds Kevin and Pooja.

They hired our wedding photography studio to help capture their precious moments as husband and wife and their wedding celebration with close friends and family.

 Pooja’s mother and cousin helped prepare the bride for the wedding and spent time together while decorating their hands and feet with henna. The designs were elaborately drawn on and took some time to complete.

Pooja wore a traditional Indian wedding dress with soft detailing around the edges. Her nails were nicely decorated with rhinestones and to compliment her maroon wedding dress, she wore gold earrings and bindi.

When it was time for the bride and groom to meet, they had their ceremony at the Old Orchard Country Club in Mount Prospect. The aisle was white with red rose petals to the side. The stage where the officiant stood was beautifully designed and all around the stage there were tall glass containers with candles lit inside them. When the ceremony begun, the bride was escorted by her brother.

Pooja and her brother lit a candle to remember their father, who had passed away just two months before the wedding.

The couple’s mothers both lit a unity candle together, then both Kevin and Pooja proceed to light their own candle. Pooja’s uncle gave Kevin a red scarf, which Kevin then placed around his neck. Following a common traditional Indian wedding custom, the couple circled the stage seven times  means they were married in the Indian tradition.

When the couple was pronounced husband and wife, they went on to the Old Orchard Club golf course for the photo session with the family. The Club gave their guests a couple of golf carts, which helped take in the breath-taking scenery and landscaping of the course. Kevin and Pooja stood by a fountain and had their picture taken as the fountain water shot up behind them. The photo session outside lasted around 30 minutes and when they came back to the ceremony, the bridal presentation was about to begin.

The reception at the Old Orchard Country Club in Mount Prospect was stunning. There were table cards nicely place on the plates and fresh rose petals decorated all over the halls and tables. The party officially begun after both the bride’s brother and groom’s sister made speeches. Kevin’s father also said a few words of prayer and blessed the evening. When the couple took to the dance floor, there was an interesting mix between Bollywood music and American music throughout the night.

The engagement photos of Pooja and Kevin can be seen here: 


 Photography by: Doru – H Photography 

Venue: Old Orchard Country Club ( must mention Lisa !! She did a great job making sure everything was in place! )

DJ: Mike Urban

Make up: Sonu Patel

Floral design: A Perfect Petal


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