Wedding Transportation Options

The transportation at your wedding can make or break your event. However, if you’re new to reserving a luxury vehicle, you might not know where to start.

We’re here with some insider transportation tips and information about the experience that you might not have considered!


Did you know that transportation companies are not responsible for setting the size of their vehicles?

What we mean by this is that the state department of transportation is the entity which comes up with the the amount of space which is considered a “passenger” within the vehicle. Often times, this is only about twelve or thirteen inches per person. There aren’t a lot of adults who only take up twelve or thirteen inches when they’re seated, especially if it’s a bridal party with large ballroom style gowns. This is why party buses are a great option for wedding parties, as the spacious interiors give you the opportunity to stand and move around without issue. If you have a smaller bridal party and want to keep an elegant aesthetic at your wedding, it’s not a bad idea to consider a limousine! Whatever choice you make, be sure to consider your photographer and videographer as passengers. After all, there are a lot of genuine moments to capture on the way to and from your Chicago wedding day destinations.

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The most common way transportation is utilized on wedding days is starting off with heading to the ceremony destination.

Afterwards, the wedding party and the couple take photographs. From there, it’s off to the reception. It’s handy to let your transportation company know exactly what destinations you have in mind for pictures, etc. Ask them if they have experience taking wedding parties to your picture destinations and venue, otherwise they will be figuring out where to park and drop you off on a moments notice. By letting them know where you’re going ahead of time, it’s guaranteed that you will have an organized itinerary that keeps you on schedule. You can make sure you’re not going into overtime by going over the contract to ensure you understand the terms of the trip, and also checking in with the chauffeur to see how much is left.


Transportation companies typically have wedding packages available.

These packages come with optional decorations in the vehicle, along with a champagne toast if everyone on board is of age. You’ll also usually find paper towels, garbage bags, and ice already within the vehicle. You can plug in your cellphone or tablet through the auxiliary cord to play your own custom playlist for the day, as well. You can bring your own alcohol and decorations on board if you so choose! If you’re looking for more information on Chicago wedding vehicles, click here!

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