White Eagle Golf Club – Wedding Photos with Monica and Gerry

                   White Eagle Golf Club hosting Monica and Gerry’s wedding.

                                                                         Beautiful day for a wedding in Naperville.

Last weekend I took a few wedding photos at the White Eagle Club in Naperville, IL. It was a beautiful ceremony and I enjoyed talking to the couple getting married – Monica and Gerry. I found out that Monica is originally from the Dominican Republic and so I was chatting with her about her home town and the country that she is from. A lot of Monica’s bridesmaids were also from there too.

The ladies were all getting ready at the White Eagle Golf Club itself, so I was able to capture a quick photo of the girls getting ready and the bride putting on her makeup. The bridesmaids were dressed in teal blue dresses and red heels. They were all very close friends with Monica and they were just beaming with joy for her. The husband-to-be and the groomsmen came to the celebration already dressed.


I found out that the civil ceremony was officiated by Wedding Judge retired judge Michael Jordan. The wedding took place outside and the weather was just perfect for the camera. The couple decided to have a sand ceremony where  Gerry and Monica poured colored sand into a glass box. Gerry and Monica each had two children from previous marriages and the kids also helped pour a bit of the colored sand into the box. The children were very happy to see that their parents were getting married and were even part of the bridal party.

After the ceremony, I took more wedding photos at White Eagle Golf Club in Naperville, IL with just Gerry and Monica. As the sun went down, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to take a picture of the entire bridal party sitting together by the lake and some sunset photos of the bride and groom.  There were some great photos that came out that session. Everyone had bright red roses and blue dresses or shirts on, which really enhanced the touching moment with the newly weds.

When the sun went down, the couple went inside to cut the cake and give toasts. After that, the ladies were having a great time dancing on the dance floor and Jay Congdon the DJ played a great mix of Latino, pop, and mowtown music. It was no secret that Monica loves to dance as she was the first one to hit the dance floor with her and her friends.

Doru Halip – H.Photography

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  1. Lovely wedding photography in Naperville Illinois! My fave is the one of the bride and groom looking at each other. Wonderful!

  2. Wow, they were lucky to have such a fantastic sunset on their wedding day and a great photographer to capture it for them:)

    1. Thank you April! There was a fantastic sunset and had such an opportunity to be there at the right time!

  3. I especially love the sunset silouhette photos! Very nice wedding photography.

  4. What a beautiful wedding! I especially love the silhouettes!

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