Emi & Tabitha – Late Fall Engagement Chicago

We meet again, loyal blog readers!

I recently photographed Tabitha and Emi in Chicago. This soon-to-be wedded couple will be getting married on December 10th and I am honored to take the wedding photos as well. I am very excited about it! 

cold weather engagement Red Dress for engagement Chiacago engagement with Tabitha and Emi Giant Bean as background Engagement in Chicago Millenium Park Engagement Tabitha and Emi Engagement on the Art Institute Bridge

Talking with the Tabitha I found  how the proposal went: Tabitha had just finish 12-hour shift from the hospital and was exhausted but Emi had other plans. He called her on the phone to meet at an address for “pictures”. She arrived there pretty mad because she was annoyed he wasn’t picking her up and then she had gotten lost and he wasn’t picking up the phone. When she finally found it and realized what was going on she was shocked. By a huge lake called grace lake, he had a cute setup with pictures of them, Love signs and flowers. He was hiding so she had to find him and when she did, he came to her and asked if she would like to be his wife, and of course she said yes!

I love that story!

As for the engagement they chose Chicago because is one of the most magnificent cities on the east coast, who wouldn’t want to do a photoshoot here?

I asked them what is the most exciting thing about the wedding:

Emi– I am most excited about marrying the love of my life, someone I can make happy for the rest of our lives and having someone alongside me forever.
Taby- I am most excited about starting a whole new life with someone I would give up my life for. Without Emi, my life wouldn’t make sense and I am most excited about making this commitment in front of family and friends and having a huge celebration after because something this good deserves to be celebrated.

They are getting married in the place where it all began, where they met. It’s the church they both attend and they chose this place because not only is it where they both go, but it has sentimental value because it’s where they first saw each other. Their reception will be at Barrister Gardens and they chose this place because it has a modern and formal feel to it, and it is just a simple hall, which is what they want their wedding to be, simple and elegant

Future wedding details aside, let’s get to the present: Thabita and Emi’s engagement session! These two are real naturals in front of the camera. Their good looks, fabulous outfit choices, a sublime location and their genuine love for each other made this photo shoot a truly enjoyable experience! They both had 2 outfits. The first was a more casual look, Emi wearing jeans and a sweater while Tabitha wore a simple navy dress, of, course they both had their black coats on because it was too cold to take them off. The second outfit was a formal outfit and was their actual engagement party outfits, Emi wearing a suit and burgundy dress shirt while Tabitha wore a long burgundy lace and chiffon dress.

They were going for a simple yet classy look for both outfits, one being a more informal yet still classy look while the other being more formal.

I asked if they have any tip for another couple getting engagement photos and what was their favorite part: The biggest tip I would give is to just be yourself and pretend that there isn’t someone there taking pictures. When you let the world fade and just focus on your fiancé, then the true love is shown in the pictures.

Our favorite part of the session was just being in Chicago together, expressing our love through photos. It was a fun time walking through downtown despite the cold weather and just getting to know the photographer before the wedding too. Emi really enjoyed Millennium park.

Here is another wedding I photographed in Michigan. Adrian and Rodica are their friends.

 Here’s to many, many happy years together!

MIllenium park water towers walking around Chicago Engagement photo in front of Chicago Theater By the Chicago riverside Christmas lights in background Magnificient Mile walking around the city




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