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There’s no shortage of beauty in Chicago, from the city’s iconic architecture to its many parks and gardens. If you’re new to the city and looking for some places to explore, or you’ve been living in Chicago for a while and want to revisit for of the city’s best sites, here are a few of the most beautiful spots to check out. From stunning rooftop gardens to the Wabash Arts Corridor, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So grab your camera and set out to explore all the beautiful places Chicago has to offer.

Of course, your wedding venue is most likely beautiful, but taking photos among other locations can certainly create a stunning photo collection. You can escape on your wedding day, or even schedule a post wedding photo shoot, among a gorgeous location.

As a Chicago, native, or even if you just fell in love with the city, you can incorporate the gorgeous setting into your wedding photos. There are so many wonderful and beautiful locations that will complement your photos and show off the gorgeous elements of Chicago while you and your partner embrace one another.

We love the city of Chicago, and greatly enjoy capturing newlyweds among the lovely cityscapes. That is why we have compiled a list of the absolute best locations in Chicago for wedding photos, so be sure to continue reading for some great insight:


  • Art Institute of Chicago, South Garden.

    Some people may feel that city can be mostly concrete and buildings, however, this beautiful garden is built atop a parking garage. It brings beauty and nature to the concrete parking garage and makes it a perfect place for your photos. You can bring your own beauty, with your gorgeous ensemble, your partner’s getup, and of course, your true love. You both will make this garden shine with beauty.


  • Buckingham Fountain.

    Who doesn’t love a stunning fountain? The Buckingham Fountain displays a beautiful water show every hour, for 20 minutes. This is a great time to use it as a backdrop. Not only will you have gorgeous waterworks in the back, but the beautiful sky and the gorgeous architecture of the fountain provide a complete look for your wedding photos.


  • Civic Opera.

    The opera is such an elegant and classic event, so the opera house will be decorated as such. The beautiful red carpets, the gold accents, and then there is the beautiful architecture, inside and out. This setting is perfect for adding elegance to your wedding photo shoot.


  • Chicago Theater.

    A site known well, even to non-Chicago residents, the Chicago Theater is a beautiful landmark. The giant neon theater sign adds a taste of Chicago to your photos, along with a flair of sophistication.


  • Magnificent Mile.

    With a mile of excitement, there is no end to the potential that the Magnificent Mile has to offer your wedding photos. A gorgeous view of the city, seasonal delights, and a wide range of interests, you can likely find many aspects of the mile that will complement your style and your wedding photos.


  • Millennium Park Bean.

    Art decorates our life more than we realize. Chicago has many displays to offer, but the Millennium Park Bean is a well-known and beautiful site. The gorgeous reflection and oddly charming shape makes for a great backdrop that also allows creative freedoms.


  • Adler Planetarium.

    With an out of this world design, the planetarium offers such unique architecture that brings a modern and wondrous beauty to the city. Not only is the architecture breathtaking, but it has its very own beautiful view of the water and the city. The planetarium dome can certainly add a magnificent element to your photos, as well as the hypnotizing waters. Here is one of our favorite weddings from Adler Planetarium.


  • Shedd Aquarium.

    The Shedd Aquarium offers a beautiful waterside view and gorgeous architecture, what could be more stunning? The building has a more classic architecture and will definitely complement your wedding photos. There is also gorgeous marine life that can add that nautical appeal you may be looking for as well as some of the skyline of Chicago.


  • University of Chicago.

    While the University holds an intelligent and sophisticated appeal, it also offers gorgeous architecture, as many Chicago sites do. The University showcases intricate detail, unique and romantic, that can make you feel as if you have been transported to a castle. These elements make for quite the old time romantic appeal for your photos.

Chicago has a lot to offer the world, including extremely photogenic settings. Here at H Photography, we embrace the Chicago lifestyle and enjoy working with wonderful couples to produce a unique and perfect wedding photo collection. If you are ready to plan your Illinois photo session, be sure to contact us today.

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