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Artistic wedding photography

We have traveled across the country and have provided professional photo services especially in wedding field for many years.

Every photographer has their own style, a certain way that they photograph that creates their images to be completely unique. When it comes to capturing your photos, whether it be on your wedding day or a headshot to advance your career, you will certainly want a photography style that will make your photos completely exclusive to you.

While there are many photography styles to choose from, we would like to highlight our photo mosaic style. From the accessories to the intense emotions, each photo radiates uniqueness and tells its own story.

If you are interested in discovering what makes our photography style so appealing, be sure to continue reading:

  • Why Our Style Is Unique

    When we capture wedding photos, we tend to capture our photos in a more fashionable and trendy style. We showcase our subjects with the hottest trends, modern details, and highlight the fashion within every photo. We also focus on the emotions of our subjects. For example, brides and grooms photographed together radiate passion and romance. This allows the viewer to really feel the love that they share and connect to the photo.

  • The Use of Accessories.  

    Accessories add “pizzazz” to your photos. From bridal jewelry to cuff links that hold a special meaning, accessories contribute to your story from within your photo. Imagine your bridal portraits, for example, as they should highlight the accessories that you chose for your special day, such as your veil. After all, each accessory reflects your personal style and taste.

  • Incorporating Props

    Emotions and accessories are wonderful. However, you can really add the cherry on top with a few unique props. Take your photos to the next level. Hit your story home with props that represent who you are as a person. For example, if you are expecting a new addition to the family, you can incorporate a due date sign. Props have a way of giving more to your photos and can even present new and unique ways to make your photos exclusive to you.


If you need a quality wedding service, the H Wedding Photography is not far away. Some recent events photographed by our  wedding photographers are the Signature Room in the Hancock Tower   wedding and  the White Deer Run Golf Club in Vernon Hills wedding photos. Also, check out the wedding photo session at   Millennium Park and see for yourself the quality work of our team.