Top locations for engagement photos in Chicago


Best Place for engagement photos ChicagoYou and your partner are completely in love; You are newly engaged, and you have the entire world ahead of you both. So, it is likely that you are feeling a new or renewed sense of excitement and passion. Once you have had time to enjoy your new engagement with your partner, being able to announce your big news to your loved ones is the next step, and a romantic engagement photo shoot is a great way to do so.

Once you have chosen your photographer, picked out your ensembles and planned all the little details that comprise your photo shoot, you then come to the big question of where in Chicago is the best location for your photos to take place. Here at H Photography, we enjoy seeing happy, newly engaged couples, and being able to provide them with photos that they are proud to share for their engagement, which is why we have gathered the top 10 locations in Chicago for your photo shoot, so be sure to continue reading to learn more:

  • Adler Planetarium

    If you are seeking the best view of Chicago’s city skyline for the backdrop of your engagement photos, then you should certainly choose the Adler Planetarium! So, if you want a stunning evening sunset with the evening city lights, or rays of sunshine beaming down on you and reflecting off of the beautiful water, know that this iconic location is the perfect setting, no matter the season or time of day.

    Esther and Josh engagement photo session in winter at Adler Planetarium

    proposal-Adler Planetarium

    John & Maria

    Australian couple having a destination engagement photo session with Chicago skyline in background. View fron Adler Planetarium.

    Adler Planetarium beach

    Maria and John – destination engagement photography in Chicago

    summer engagementwinter engagement Adler


  • North Avenue Beach. This is possibly one of the most popular beaches in Chicago, and rightfully so. The gorgeous beach offers quite the view of the water and the city. Also, there is even a unique boathouse, in the shape of a boat, that would serve as a great addition to your photos.chicago-north-avenue-beach


  • Chicago Riverwalk. The Riverwalk offers so many wonderful elements, such as the beautiful bridge and the gorgeous river, creating a sense of natural beauty within your photos, for a breathtaking appeal.


  • Crown Fountain. Located within Millenium Park this interactive work of public art can produce some truly unique and jaw-dropping photos. The two 50 ft. glass black towers and the shallow reflection pool can work in your favor as beautiful props and even backdrops, creating stunning engagement photos.


  • Field Museum. This historic and beautiful museum is a great location that provides a gorgeous architecture for your photos. The museum itself serves as a wonderful statement that is truly rich in history, adding a sense of texture and intriguing details to any image.


  • LaSalle Bridge. This gorgeous bridge spans the main stem of the Chicago River, providing a beautiful architecture for your photos. With an industrial feel, you can capture the hard-working, yet beautiful elements of Chicago by using this bridge as a striking backdrop.


  • Lincoln Park. You can capture the wonderful culture in the Lincoln Park area for photos that express how much you and your partner love the Chicago area. Do not forget that the zoo and cultural center have a lot to offer your photos as well.


  • Milton Olive Park. A truly artistic park, with trees lining the sidewalks, this gorgeous landscape offers true Chicago imagery for your photos, in a naturally beautiful way.


  • Navy Pier. This 33,000-foot-long pier sits on the shoreline of Lake Michigan. This beautiful location is even home to the centennial wheel, which would be a wonderful addition to your engagement photos and may even add a whimsical element.


  • Union Station. The railroad station that even the cinematic world can’t stay away from, Union Station, has been open since 1925. So, if you are seeking a setting with a romantic appeal and that is also rich in history, Union Station is certainly a wonderful option.

There are so many wonderful places in the great city of Chicago that would be magnificent settings to hold your engagement photo shoot, so allow these top ten locations to inspire you. Here at H Photography, we know photography, and we love working with couples to produce photos that they can truly be proud of. So, if you are ready to schedule an engagement photo shoot in Illinois, be sure to contact us today, as we are ready to produce wonderful images for you.