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Whether you popped the questions or gleefully answered “Yes!”, you and your partner are now engaged. Congratulations! The excitement has you feeling a romantic rush, and now it’s time to celebrate and announce the good news to all of your loved ones. Engagement photos serve as a lovely way to spend some time bonding as a newly engaged couple and will help you create the perfect announcement.


5 Ways to Prepare for Your Engagement Photo Session


For those who are newly engaged, or just new to a professional photography session, you may be wondering what to expect for your own engagement photos.

This is an exciting new opportunity for you, but you will still want to be prepared and know what to expect. That’s why we have put together a few pointers to help you understand what you can expect with your own engagement photos. Keep reading to discover how you can benefit from booking an engagement photographer:

  •      The Importance of Engagement Photos. Have you ever asked yourself why it’s so important or even necessary to capture engagement photos? If you have, the answer is simple. You and your partner will get to spend time together bonding over your new relationship status and your photos can be used to make heartwarming engagement announcements. Taking time for yourselves is a must, especially after becoming engaged. You both need time to let your new status sink in and to enjoy your engagement. A photoshoot offers that bonding experience.
  •  In addition to a general announcement, you can also capture photos that can be used for your “Save the Date” cards and even your “Thank You” cards for after the wedding.
  •        What to Wear. Your attire is an element that should be given great consideration when booking your engagement photographer. There are a few details that you should consider when choosing your photoshoot ensemble.
  •    Comfort. First off, you will want to ensure that way you choose to wear is comfortable. You won’t want to feel still within your clothing, make sure that you are able to move with ease.
  •    Appearance. You will want to be the focus of your photos, not your clothes. So, it is important to not choose attire that is too flashy. Also, logos should be avoided, as they will take away from the overall image.
  •  Theme. When you and your partner choose your clothing, be sure that you complement each other. You will not want to entirely match one another, but rather choose colors that coordinate well together.
  •   What Props to Use. Props can help you add a little extra pizzazz to your photos. Whether you are using signs and scrabble pieces to announce your wedding date or incorporating items that express your unique personality and tastes, you can enjoy adding your own flavor to each photo with the use of props. Some other great options for props are colored smoke, sparklers, and champagne. The opportunities are truly endless!

Reasons Why Engagement Photos Are Important to Capture

Now is the perfect time to honor your new relationship advancement in life with a stunning display of photos. These pointers will help you better understand the benefit and wonders of booking an engagement photo session. As photographers, we have traveled around the World to photograph exotic wedding and engagements. We had many photo sessions and the wedding was captured on beautiful photographs. Our photos tell stories from the Colosseum, at Fontana di Trevi, Vatican, London Bridge, Edinburgh Castle, Eiffel Tower, London Eye, etc…  We even shot weddings on elegant Spanish stairs. Our international experience makes us the perfect photographers for your wedding experience.