Independence Grove Wedding Photos


Michelle and Jerry’s  Independence Grove Wedding Photos  – Libertyville IL

We first met Michelle and Jerry last year when we did their engagement photo session at the Lincoln Park Zoo. They had used their engagement photos to make a beautiful guest book that all the guests could sign at the wedding.

But let’s get back to the wedding photos from Independence Grove on August 2nd.

A day that we be in our minds for long time ! It was a hot summer day with strong winds in the afternoon and it came to a tornado warning in the night.

Wedding Venue – Independence Grove

Wedding coordinator – Melinda Jacobsen

Makeup – Stella Mikhail

Band: Gold Coast 

Photography: H Photography by Doru & Claudia Halip

Assistant Photographer: Marian Nestor

Hampton-Inn-getting ready
We started at Hampton Inn where the couple got ready. When Claudia came into the room, Michelle was almost finished with her beautiful makeup done by Stella Mikhail from Stellair Beauty.
Few more touch up…
It was great taking pictures of Jerry one-on-one because he made a lot of fun faces at the camera. Jerry’s brother-in-law kept joking around but would also help him get ready for the wedding.


Last shot with the girls before getting the dress on…
When the bride and from were finished getting ready, we went to Independence Grove in Libertyville for the first look photos.
When the bride and from were finished getting ready, we went to Independence Grove in Libertyville for the first look photos.

Michelle made a beautiful bride

 Jerry was very moved by seeing Michelle for the first time as his bride.
Jerry was very moved by seeing Michelle for the first time as his bride.
They had a few romantic moments together, which of course we captured on camera and then we got ready for the family photos.
They had a few romantic moments together, which of course we captured on camera and then we got ready for the family photos.
Best wedding portraits Independence grove
We explored the park in a golf cart looking for the perfect location get the best wedding portraits.
When we returned back to the bridal party, Claudia and I split ways again. Claudia took some very elegant portraits of the ladies while I was taking some photos of the guys around the lake.


The bride wore a traditional white wedding dress and the ladies were dressed in a deep blue.

groomsmen-Libertyville-wedding groomsmen Independence-grove-Libertyville-best-wedding Independence-grove-Libertyville-wedding-2

fun photos bridal party
We eventually reunited again to take some fun pictures of the entire bridal party together.

best-wedding-photo Independence-grove-Libertyville-wedding-A photo-session-Independence-grove-Libertyville wedding-pictures-Independence-grove-Libertyville michelle-and-jerry-portrait

Ketubah sining at Independence Grove
Despite the very hot and humid day, time flew very fast and the next thing we knew we were back at the venue for the Ketubah signing.
Ketubah signing became emotional
It was very emotional for Michelle and she even cried at the end.
Walking down the aisle with the parents
The ceremony begun with the Rabbi entering the aisle followed by the bridal party and then the groom with his parents and then lastly with Michelle and her parents. Both parents of the couple had huge smiles as they were walking down the aisle with their daughter/son.
Outdoor Jewish Ceremony Independence Grove
The guests arrived at the Native Garden that was already prepared for the outdoor Jewish ceremony.
Michelle and Jerry circling around each other at the beginning of the ceremony.

Outdoor Ceremony Independence Grove Libertyville Rings ceremony

glass breaking at the ceremony
Jerry breaking the glass!
Independence Grove wedding venue
After the ceremony, the cocktail party started in the foyer area at the Independence Grove and then the party moved to the Audubon room where the introduction of both the bride and groom begun followed by the Kiddush-Hamotzi tradition.
Gold Coast band had an amazing performance.
Wedding Speeches
During the dinner, there were toasts made as well as the cake cutting and then of course, we couldn’t forget the father/daughter and mother/son dance.
Cake cutting time!

dancing-Independence-grove-wedding first-dance-dip mother-son-dance father-daughter-dance

tornado warning at wedding
The band was fantastic, but they were interrupted by a tornado warning, so everybody in the group moved towards the hallway where it was safer.
band playing unplugged
Since there were not enough outlets in the hallway the band started playing unplugged and everybody banded together to sing in one voice. It was amazing!
unplugged music during the tornado warning
Michelle and Jerry singing on hallway with the unplugged band

parents of the bride Hora at Michelle wedding jewish-dance dancing like crazy all night

Bride singing at her wedding
After about 30 minutes the tornado warning was canceled, but we were all surprised at how well Michelle could sing. She ended up singing a couple more songs that night!
Elegant wedding sparklers
The night was closed with sparklers outside!

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  1. WOW! What a fun filled wedding and that photo of the toasts! I love the bokeh around the bride and groom, definitely my favorite. Independence Grove weddings are just so beautiful, especially when you have the perfect photographer capturing them!

  2. This wedding at Independence Grove is so beautiful. I love all the different bridesmaid photos, like the ones where they are holding the flowers behind them. Also the reception looks like a blast and the sparklers make such a great send off!

  3. What a beautiful and fun wedding!! You did a great job of capturing the mood. So glad the tornado did NOT happen!!

  4. Beautiful wedding – and wedding photography! They look like such a fun group and you captured some amazing memories of their Independence Grove wedding! Love that dip at the reception – perfection!

  5. Wow, that bridge and pond at Independence Grove is a stunning location for the bride and groom pictures.
    I love all the moments you captured, especially the one of the teary bride right after the signing of the Ketubah! What a beautiful Jewish wedding!

  6. Gorgeous wedding photography! Independence Grove looks like a beautiful location for a wedding. I especially like your portrait of the bride with the veil tossed in the wind – so elegant!

  7. Looking at these beautiful wedding photos, you would never know there was weather chaos going on during the day! I love that you captured the shot of the cell phone showing the weather and the band playing in the hall. Such great details! It shows that no matter what happens at a wedding, H Photography will still have beautiful wedding photos at the end!

  8. What a great story told on this blog! A gorgeous wedding, beautifully captured! What a fun engagement session idea too, at the Lincoln Park Zoo Chicago! Independence Grove is beautiful! I love the sparklers at the end!

  9. You captured this wedding perfectly! Looked like such a fun event! Wedding photography is so important and you did such a great job!

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