Amanda and Tony – Independence Grove Wedding

Independence Grove  Libertyville Wedding – Amanda and Tony

Finally the day arrived. Tony got dressed at his home and looked amazing in his elegant grey suit and well shaped beard. Having a supportive father and brothers who share shoulders with you is always a blessing, and Tony was well prepared by his wingmen.

On the other hand, Tony’s gorgeous bride Amanda, unlike Tony, got her makeup and hair  at a hotel near the Independence Grove. Amanda and her angelic bridesmaids made the best out of every moment they spent in the hotel. They were all prepared to unveil their breathtaking wedding dresses in white and violet.

The moment of joy finally arrived. As they saw each other, the startling situation got better of Tony as he could not control his emotions looking at his stunningly gorgeous bride. Amanda held his shoulder as Tony felt confident and sure that he was not playing a character in a beautiful dream. It was all real!

We made the best out of this beautiful spring day as we took our charming couple around for a spectacular photo shoot at the Independence Grove Wedding.  Tony and Amanda’s chemistry looked beyond belief as they both complimented each other remarkably well.

After capturing Tony and Amanda’s special moments, we called in the league of extraordinary gentlemen dressed in grey and the charming bridesmaids in violet to accompany their much-loved couple.

A fine-looking venue having a decent amount of wood work was arranged for Tony’s special day by one of his friends. The guests were in awe of the moment as they saw Amanda walking in. The ceremony was initiated as the mothers took the responsibility of reading

Amanda’s grandmother could not attend her big day as she was in the hospital. However, using “facetime”, she attended the the entire ceremony and saw her charming granddaughter getting married. Technology used at its best!

After the beautiful wedding ceremony, now awaited a spectacular reception as the couple, parents and guests arrived for the bridal party.

The reception started with speeches from the loved ones wishing the couple health, success and prosperity with a touch of fun and teasing.

As the music began, the bride and groom initiated the dancing session. Made for each other was all we could say as we saw Tony and Amanda embracing each other with every move. The couple dance was followed up by Tony and his mother, and Amanda and her father’s dance. Parents seemed jubilant as they held their kids closely while dancing.

The guests were all excited as they posed at the photo booth masterpieces, courtesy of “H photography”. Delicious dinner was served along with live cooking stations for guests where scrumptious donuts and flavorsome tacos were served with love.

Photography: Doru and Claudia for H Photography

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