Wedding at the Loews Chicago O’Hare

Matt and Melissa’s Jewish Wedding

Wedding at Loews Chicago

There’s certain elegance in simplicity; this reigns true in the case of Matt and Melissa’s Jewish wedding. Their special day took place at the contemporary Loews O’Hare Hotel in Chicago. The sleek, unpretentious décor in the background didn’t take away from the happy couple in love.

rings photographed on the artwork from the room hair stylis preparing the brideMelissa's wedding dress is hanged on the hotel room Melissa is getting ready in the presidential room at Intercontinental Chicago Matt putting the buttons from his grand motherMike helping his son to get ready before the first look posing Melissa on INtercontinental hotel hallwaysmatt nervous before the first look

photos from the first look on the lobby room Melissa is one of the most beautiful bride

bride and groom taking photos around intercontinental hotel artwork at Intercontinental O'hare by Chicago

great ideas for posing at wedding inside the hotelphotos using the textured walls inside the hotel room best wedding photographers taking amazing artwork photos posing on presidential room at Intercontinental Chicago

taking portraits of the groom using natural light photo session using the artwork from the hotel

Matt and Melissa posing with artwork at Intercontinental O'Harethis might be the best wedding photos at jewish wedding Chicago

bride was kissing by her fatherThe bride takes a photo with her moomGroom's family walking around the Intercontinental O'HareBridal party posing with Chicago skyline view in backgroundMatt and Mellissa on the roof at Intercontinental having the Chicago skyline in backgroundbridal party posing in the presidential room at Intercontinental by O'Harebride portrait with bouqet using color selection

Portrait of Matt in the Metropolitan room at Intercontinental O'Hareposing bride and groom near O'Hare airportMatt reading Chicago magazine in hise wedding room Photo of Melissa signing Ketubahparents, raby and groom with bride holding ketubah

Bride kissing the groom after signing KetubahDetails from the jewish ceremony at Louvre room at intercontinental O'Hare

Matt walking down the aisle with his parentsMelissa walking down the aisle to meet her parentsMatt and Meliisa were circling seven time before entering ceremony at Louvre roomB & G receiving the seven blessing

Raby Hart blessing the bride and groom

Raby Hart presenting the Ketubahtaking photos of the bride and groom under chuppah

Matt and Melissa suraounded by the bridal party at the ceremonyjewish wedding ceremony at Intercontinental O'Hare

Photographing a jewish tradition of breaking the glassEveryone can wish Mazel Tov to Matt and MelissaSuch a beautiful dance at Intercontinental Metropolitan room

Matt's parents having an emotional speech at the receptionfunny speech at wedding by bride's fathersurprising the bride and groom'e emotionsphoto with Matt and Melissa cutting the wedding cakeToast by the bride's brother" grandmother cutting the bread at the wedding as a jewish traditionMatt dancing with his grandmother at intercontinentalMelissa hugging her grandmother at the wedding

jewish dance at weddingMelissa dancing with her fatherMatt dancing with his mother

beautiful dance by Matt and Melissabride putting a flower crown on mother's in law's head

traditional Hora at the Jewish weddingRoom details from wedding at Intercontinental O"Hare

Getting ready photos

Beginning with “getting ready” photos, true emotions were captured individually. Before making their grand entrance, Matt and Melissa posed in different parts of the Loews Chicago O’Hare hotel. Adding depth to their photos by leaning against textured walls as their backdrop, and lounge areas to create intimate sights. Additionally, the artwork that was displayed throughout the hotel served as an ideal opportunity, allowing to mimic illusions; making it look as if they were part of the paintings. Carrying on to the rooftop, the Chicago skyline was a beautiful backdrop for the couple and for photos with the bridal party.

Signing Ketubah photos

Although the spotlight was on the bride and groom, their Jewish traditions played an important role in the wedding ceremony. Prior to the service, they began with signing a “ketubah,” which is the Hebrew word for “document.”  It is a conventional kind of prenuptial agreement vital in Jewish marriages that sketches out the duties of the groom, in relation to his bride.

Wedding Ceremony at Wedding Loews Chicago O’Hare

Seven circles
Melissa and Matt circle each other seven times. Seven represents the number of days of creation (as a marriage is a creation of a new household); seven is also the number of times the phrase ” when a man takes a wife” occurs in the Torah.
Once that ritual had taken place, the wedding ceremony began underneath the clean, unadorned “chuppah,” a wedding canopy which symbolizes the new home they will create together. The chuppah is open on all four sides, recalling the tent of Sarah and Abraham and symbolizes thet family and friends are always welcome in their home. Vows were exchanged, and then the rings which is considered one of the most important moment of the wedding ceremony. The rings used in the ceremony are smooth, unadorned bands, symbolizing continuous eternal love. The ring is placed on the right index finger which is the closest finger to the heart.
Seven Blessings ( Sheva Brachot)
The seven blessings begin with the blessing over wine, then praise God for creation, for the bride and groom separately, for fertility, children and the companionship   and joy the bride and groom share together.
Breaking the glass
And finally, Matt broke the glass. One interpretation of this tradition is that marriage will last as long as the glass is broken-forever. Another is that people need to remember those who are suffering even in their greatest moments of joy and to remember the destruction of the Second Temple.  Many “Mazel Tov’s” were shouted which means good luck or congratulations.
“ Yichud”  followed the ceremony when Melissa and Matt are escorted to a private room and left alone for a few minutes. This personal moment signifies their new status of living together as a married couple.

Jewish Wedding Reception Chicago Loews O’hare

For entertainment at the wedding reception, music was performed by the Becca Kaufman Orchestra who got everyone out their seats.
We were also very impressed about Matt’s grandmother who is 99 years old. She was next to them all of the time, even on the dance floor, dancing. Speeches were made by the parents, their snapshots will indeed be in the wedding photo album.
The party was one with a lot of fun and dancing and  didn’t finish before “Krenzel” and “Hora”, other two Jewish  tradition, were taken place.
Thank you Matt and Melissa for choosing us to be your photographer. We will always be so grateful for how nice you and your family were to us. This is not the firs Jewish wedding we photographed but it did impress us the most. We love photographing the Jewish wedding ceremonies as it’s something special about it.
A big thank you to the vendors that made this day so wonderful:
Wedding Coordinator – Melinda Jacobson with To The Point
Hairdresser- Carol Borkhardt

Flowers- Sani Mar Events

Video- Express Video

Band- Becca Kaufman Orchestra

The Intercontinental Chicago O’Hare

Photography by: Doru and Claudia Halip

Engagement photos with Matt and Melissa can be seen at Chicago Engagement Photos Session.

Jewish Wedding Photographers

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful photographs.
    I wish I could have coordinated the trip to be there.
    The Evansons wish the handsome couple all the joy and success for a happy future together.
    I love the photo of of my dear cousin Howard with his Melissa.
    I am positive Etta and Ziggy are beaming fom heaven.

  2. It was a real pleasure to watch Doru & Claudia work, and these photos are a true example of what wonderful photographers they are!!! I’m sure the entire family will have a VERY hard time choosing which photos they want to frame… each; every one is a masterpiece. I hope to work with you both again very soon!
    Mazel Tov to the Gudell & Mell Families!
    melinda jacobson- TO THE POINT

    1. Thank you for the nice words. We had good time working with you and photographing Matt, Melissa and their wonderful families.
      Doru and Claudia

  3. Wow! Devo dire che le foto mi piacciono molto! E mi chiedo spesso ultimamente… a quando un workshop The H Photo?

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