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Barrington Engagement Photos

the wedding with take place in September 2013expressing love and naturetaking photos on train rails

photos by Doru Halipposing him propsingwedding sign for Keenan and Mattcouple posing at the tree house barrington has to offer such wonderful backdropsKeenan will mary Matttheir wedding will be at Pinehurst Farm

Engagement Session at Citizen Park in Barrington

taking many engagement photos

getting ready for outdoor wedding posing on the bridge in Barringtonengagement rings

Engagement Photography Barrington

Keenan and Matt

There is nothing like the great outdoors, with its vast selection of trees and graphic greenery. Keenan and Matt are a lovely couple from Wisconsin with a strong connection to mother earth. Engagement photography Barrington style means shooting where you want. They aimed to shoot their creative engagement photos outside at Citizens Park in Barrington.

Holding a white sign with purple glittered numbers; their wedding date, the couple posed in the park. This original sign would reappear in their pictures throughout the session. Keenan wore a white dress with cowboy boots and Matt was pressed in a button-down shirt and jeans, perfect outfits for the outdoors. The engagement photos in the park were perfect since there are so many different spaces to illustrate the couple’s love and nature.

A concrete walkway flanked by pillars constructed of wonderful natural stone of various sizes produced an ideal space for Keenan and Matt to pose by. With her hand in his, Matt got on one knee, symbolizing the day he asked her to marry him. As each of the two leaned against a column, they stared into the eyes of the person they cannot wait to wed. Framed by the posts, face to face with their arms around one another’s waist, they held their sign up above their head.

These photos capturing their wedding date and engagement rings can double as pictures which they can use for their save the date cards. The blue sky functioned as a wonderful backdrop as it was so vivid in their pictures. They changed their attire and shot some photos on a quaint bridge overlooking a little river.   On September 21st at The Bull at Pinehurst Farms golf course in Wisconsin, Keenan and Matt will have their wedding reception.  In a scenic setting, she will make him the luckiest man on their big day.

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Photography: Doru Halip

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