Tiffany and Gabriel

Tiffany and Gabriel – A Spectacular Spring Engagement Photo Session:

Today, let’s talk about the spring engagement session of our charming couple Tiffany and Gabriel. They got engaged this April. We organized their professional photo shoot in West Dundee; a spectacular village with old American architecture and a river crossing through in the heart of Kane County.

West Dundee seems to be the best possible choice on engagement photos for couples living nearby. The spring feeling makes the place truly magical. To make it look more magical and unreal, Tiffany and Gabriel complimented each other to the maximum.

Tiffany, our bride to be looked very elegant in her beautiful white dress with artistic black lace embroidery around the neck area. It undoubtedly added more to her special day.

Gabriel turned out be creative as he wore an elegant combination of Turquoise and Grey. What a handsome groom to be! And what complimented Gabriel even more was the presence of her charming daughter Adelyn at his engagement.

Adeline shared the color combination with her dad as she ran across the old village streets flaunting her beautiful dress while playing with her dog.

I was surprised and excited to see Tiffany bringing her dog on her spring engagement. During the photo shoot, what was even more surprising for me was witnessing how Tiffany held Adelyn and her dog. This showed how well she was going to adjust in the family.

Even during the engagement session, the chemistry of our beautiful mature couple and sweet Adelyn seemed outstanding by all means. Tiffany showed an immense amount of love and concern at every moment for Adelyn. The love just clearly reflected in her eyes.

Tiffany and Gabriel have the same theory of considering “laughter as the best medicine”. This makes them earn a “made for each other” award and further made my time even more interesting with them.

The couple does not want to wait for long as the wedding is already arranged for June this year. The lights of W Hotel Downtown Chicago will definitely add more flavor to the photo session of our happy couple’s wedding. A match truly made in heavens!

Photographer: Claudia Halip 

Click to see their wedding photos at W Center Chicago

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