W Chicago City Center Wedding Photos

Tiffany & Gabriel  Wedding at the W Chicago City Center

Tiffany and Gabriel are a truly remarkable couple. They had their wedding photos taken at the beautiful W Chicago City Center . The couple had a lot of fun while doing this and it was a true picture of love and affection.

They  use  H Photography  for their engagement photos as well and they were very happy by the print of love and affection.

First, they got ready for the ceremony and reception, which was to happen at the same venue – W Chicago City Center. The beautiful venue is located  in the heart of Chicago, and everyone that showed up had a great time.

The couple had a photo session as walking down the La Salle Street. They stopped at every opportunity they had some unique wedding photos taken. They also were able to take advantage of the spectacular architecture the city of Chicago has to offer. This was truly a once in a lifetime experience. The lovely couple was all laughs as they had a tremendously fun filled with positive energy. Their La Salle bridge wedding photos are a sight of the fun and happiness of the wedding day.

The wedding ceremony was a truly emotional one. This was an event to remember. At the begining of the ceremony at W Hotel City Center, Gabriel’s daughter came in carring Tiffany’s dog in a carriage, just like you would see in a fairy tale. This looked like something out of a storybook!

Everything at the wedding venue was impeccable, as the ballroom was decorated elegantly and had lots of special lights dropping from the ceiling. The iconic wedding photos were made even more special with the W sign of the hotel making a nice scene behind the bride and groom as they took their photos. You can see the look of love inside the eyes of Tiffany and Gabriel, and they clearly look like a couple that is going to be together until forever. This is definitely one of the most beautiful weddings that have ever been held at the W Hotel Chicago.

Photographers: Claudia Halip & Sergio Nastenko

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