Marriage Proposal Chicago

Miguel and Josephina  Surprise Marriage Proposal Chicago

I have been in contact with Miguel for some time, as he was planning a surprise proposal in Chicago.  What he wanted to do it sounded more like a movie screen play.

We have been chatting a lot about best places for marriage proposal in Chicago and decided for the Milton Lee Olive Park near Navy Pier.

Not only he wanted to do a surprise proposal but he hired a mariachi band that came at Milton Olive Park and sang. Once he proposed we continued with a photo-video session around Chicago.

Photographer: Doru Halip

sneak-peak-couple-proposal Marriage-Proposal-Chicago balcony-view-of-chicago-sky-line proposing-at-Milton-Lee-Olive-Park Marriage-Proposal-Chicago817 Marriage-Proposal-Chicago825 Marriage-Proposal-Chicago830 Marriage-Proposal-Chicago838 mexican-engagement the-long-kiss the-love-look marriachi-singing-for-surprise-proposal emotional-couple Marriachi-chicago titanic-engagement-shot black and white photo Milton Lee Olive Park kissing portraits-by-Milton-Lee-Olive-Park engagement Milton Lee Olive Park engagement-Milton-Lee-Olive-Park Milton Lee Olive Park navy pier ferris wheel chicago-river under-the-bridge cool-engageement-photo neon-light-engagement-photos Cancer Survivors' Garden portrait-by-the-giant-bean the-giant-bean-engagement-photo chicago-photo-session engagement-black-and-white- Chicago-view-from-MIllenium-park couple-riding-carriage-chicago horse-carriage-night-chicago night-ride-Chicago-horse-carriage carriage-by-millenium-park

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  1. Aww it is so cute how much time and effort he put into purposing! Milton Lee Olive Park made the perfect location and I love the Chicago skyline in the after photos. The bride to be is going to remember this moment forever and you did such a great hob of capturing it for her.

  2. This story made me teary eyed! Such a romantic thing to do to plan a surprise proposal and to go to such great lengths to capture everything on camera so those memories can be relived over and over again. You’ve done a beautiful job documenting their day for them. Can’t wait to see their wedding photos!

  3. Oh my gosh Josephina must have had the biggest surprise of her life when the mariachi band came by. I am sure she was in complete shock and didn’t realize that a pivotal moment in life was about to take place. I love, love, love that Miguel contacted you to capture his Chicago proposal. Your photos capture the perfect balance of keeping in the background and after taking adorable portraits of the newly engaged duo. Josephina just looks like she is walking on air in every photo.

  4. This was a beautiful marriage proposal session! It was so sweet to see each moment of their engagement day and then it ending with a beautiful carriage ride. What a perfect day for his new fiancé! It is so sweet to see him put so much thought into this special day, and now they will always be able to look back to these wonderful memories.

  5. Once again, I love the incredible variety of your Chicago locations! This guy wins big points for hiring a photographer to capture his proposal. You did it beautifully, and then followed up with a beautiful engagement session. My favorite shot is the one where they are cuddled on the stairs. I can’t wait to see what you do with their wedding portraits!

  6. What a great marriage proposal! I love that he had the band there to surprise her, what a great day for her and to have it documented she will always remember how he asked her to be his wife.

  7. Thank you for sharing this beautiful and romantic proposal! You captured these moments really well with your lovely photography.

  8. Anyone that hires a mariachi band for a proposal is a keeper! What a fun guy and special moment for his new fiance, to have their engagement photographed! The Chicago skyline and Milton Lee Olive Park is the perfect backdrop.

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