Love the dress photo session


Love the dress photo session 

with Elena and Gigi

Once upon a time in a magical area, we had a love the dress photo session. On the Love, the dress session we use a lot of creativity to show the love of the bride for her dress and we look for light, architecture and chromatic to show this at its best. In this photo session, we incorporate an
Old fortress—550 years old—in the north of Moldavia. This is close to home for the Romanian couple Elena and Gigi, just as they prefer it to be. The key is to have a shoot when all the pressures and stressors cease to exist; the only thing left is love and remembrance. What better way to have a relaxing and fun loving shoot than to have complete freedom to go every and anywhere.


There are so many emotions racing through your body before, during, and after a marriage. We love to recognize and appreciate these feelings our significant others bring us. Trash the dress, love the dress, and all types of photo shoots allow us to capture the journey in a slideshow.

The wedding photographers are important because they will also bring nostalgia whenever you walk by that area you’ll remember your wedding; this is why you pick your favorite and familiar places or gorgeous areas you want to mark with your love.


Well prepared for a timeless shoot, the Bride and Groom come with the giant soap balloon to play with. They collaborated with a team of fashion icons and posed for the camera picture perfect. Artistically exploring different shapes, postures, and creativity with their bodies, they made their dress/suit seem as if they were born in them—knowing exactly how to fashion them for a pose as they effortlessly took some of the most alluring, enduring, and attention absorbing photos known to this world.

This was more of a let your love show outside kind of shoot based on pure stages of emotion. If this were their last breaths on earth museums would pass on the art in these photos from generation to generation. It sounds a little enchanted; however, once upon a time, these two portrayed a fantasy love that most people live lifetimes searching for. We have every element worthwhile featured in these shoots. Man, woman, Mother Nature, the beauty of the sky, love, a suit, and a wedding dress and more. Love the dress is to love thy self and our accomplishments in life

More photos from the couple wedding can be seen on destination wedding link.

copy: Kyial Robinson

Photography by: Doru Halip



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