Emily and Austen in Chicago

Engagement Photo at Trump Tower in Chicago

A written modern story of amazing love

Austen and Emily

When Emily and Austen met for the first time it may have not been possible for them to picture their lives together. One thing remained for sure though; both of them enjoyed the sights of Chicago. These variations in this location make it a perfect place that brings any photos taken to life every time a person lays their eyes on them.
Their adoration for this place contributed to their well thought after concept of photography which involved the striking of different poses in various locations including the Chicago River walk. With the presence of uncountable places to celebrate their engagement they decided to stick to their favorite places that held memories that are special to them in their own ways and this is what an ideal engagement celebration should be all about.
These celebrations were elaborate and detailed and this means that they did not end within an hour after the party. Though the celebrations took place in downtown there was still a list of other magnificent places to explore considering the fun and excitement that marked this great occasion.

As they toured Trump Tower and the Michigan Magnificent Mile among other locations they reminisced on their journey of love that defies the barrier of distance. With time it has grown and blossomed to be something that not only brings joy to them but also draws a positive attention from those who see and know them.
Knowing the value and importance of their relationship as well as the places visited they ensured that they captured every moment in photos that entails all the details contained in all these places. Judging by the places gone to their journey from London was and is still worth considering that they had to fly over a long distance to come to this place.
Going to all these places is fun but nothing gives a person visiting this location a better view of the city than that witnessed or experienced from the Navy Pier. It has been captured in photos and other images but it has no comparison to being their in person especially when enjoying the company of the person you love and on a special occasion. You can also make your love story stunning just like Emily and Austen did by carefully selecting the places you would wish to always remember.

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Photography by: Doru Halip

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