Last year was filled with incredible weddings and amazing couples and we would like to present best wedding photos taken during 2016 by our photographers.

Dramatic wedding photo

We had the chance to photograph many different weddings within Chicago, the Chicago suburbs, and even had the chance to capture romantic love stories in Europe. We were so honored to work with such lovely people and creatively showcase their big day through photography.

Art-Institute-Chicago-best-wedding-photos-2016 Art-Institute-Chicago-Wedding-Picture Adler-Planetarium-Wedding-Pic Wedding-Photo-Europe Bottom-Lounge-Chicago-Wedding bridemaids-photo-idea candid wedding photo

There is a lot that goes into displaying such an emotional event. The photos are one of the only elements that a couple has to look back on their big day, that will bring back those intense, beautiful emotions.

Chevy-Chase-Country-Club-Weddingl19 Chicago-Wedding-Hotel-Allegro Chicago-Wedding-Photographer Chicago-Wedding-Street-Photo Crystal-Palace-wedding-photo Crystal-Palace-wedding-portrait-bride DC-winery-wedding

Photographs shouldn’t just capture the wedding décor and the venue, but also the emotions that were felt and conveyed throughout the big day, as well as the little details that made their day so special. If you are curious about our best wedding photos during 2016, and what it took to make them so wonderful, be sure to continue reading to view all of the wonderful love stories:

DC-winery-sunset destination-wedding-chicago Eaglewood-resort-Itasca-wedding Eaglewood-resort-Itasca-wedding Eaglewood-resort-Itasca-wedding-fall-season best wedding photos

  • Showcase the emotions of you and your partner. It goes without saying that you and your partner will share intense emotions for each other, such as passion, excitement, devotion, and complete admiration. These are what make your wedding photos genuine and powerful. For example, we had the opportunity to capture a couple that possessed a fiery passion for each other. We were able to capture a couple, embracing their appetite for each other, as they were surrounded by a large display of wine barrels. As you view this photo, you can feel their energy for each other. Communicating emotions within a photo is crucial to making it meaningful, and allow others to view the love that you share together.

Eaglewood-resort-Itasca-wedding-pic A New Leaf Chicago Wedding Wedding Mission Hills Country Club traditional nigerian wedding Rosemont IL Idea-for-bridal-party-photo Independence-Grove-Libertyville-Wedding Independence-Grove-Libertyville-wedding-sunset

  • Capture the memories made with your loved ones. You will be surrounded by loved ones on your big day, from your mother to your bridesmaids and groomsmen. These people are there for you, to offer support and encouragement. Your bridesmaids were specifically chosen by you to stand by your side for your big day. Certainly, they are a meaningful part to your life. Be ready to capture the memories you make with them on your special day, as these memories will last a lifetime. We had the opportunity to capture a gorgeous bride, as her bridesmaids danced cheerful circles around her. This happy moment won’t soon be forgotten by any of these beautiful ladies. Most importantly, it showcases that your photos don’t have to be still, as movement adds such natural beauty to your images.

Independence-Grove-Libertyville-chef-surprise Indian-Wedding-Pearl-Banquet-Roselle Indian-Weddingt-Roselle Intimate-Wedding-photo Lincoln-Park-Wedding-Picture Lincolnshire-Wedding-Photography mother-son-best-pic

  • Lighting is a powerful tool for your wedding photography. Photographs completely rely on light to make them seen. From black and white cameras to digital cameras now, light creates photos. You can use the light as a tool within your photos, such as a charming lens flare for an added effect, or even to illuminate your subject. For example, last year we captured a gorgeous photo of a bride and groom with their wedding party. They were all well placed so we could work with the natural lighting. After placing them in the best location, the photos showcased an ethereal lighting behind them, creating a dreamy and elegant look within their photos. Lighting is crucial to your photos, and can even be one of your most powerful tools.

Naperville-wedding-photography taylor-and-Paul-wedding-Naperville-IL backyard-wedding Wedding-Maggiano Wedding-Pictures-Chicago- Wedding-Pictures-Chicago-Vlad-Diana Wedding-The-Haight-Elgin-IL

2016 was a phenomenal year for weddings, love, and stunning photography. We captured many wonderful photos that brides and grooms can continue to love forever. We worked hard to showcase fantastic memories, harness the perfect lighting, and produce photos that can emote the feelings that were shared on such a special day. There is a lot that goes into making wedding photography memorable and creative, and these are just a few key elements. We hope that you have enjoyed viewing our best wedding photos of 2016 as much as we enjoyed capturing them.

Wedding-The-Haight-casiono-table Weding-photographer-Northbrook winter wedding photo

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