Trash the Dress Photo Session

Many brides spend months scouring bridal racks for that perfect wedding dress, and as you search, there are many elements that may create it to be your special one. Perhaps the perfect dress will have gorgeous beading, maybe it will be simple and flowy or maybe it is that large princess ball gown that is taking up half of the dress rack. No matter which dress is your cup of tea, you will choose it to represent you on your big day.

After you have found your perfect dress and wore it on your wedding day, then what do you do with it? It is too fancy to wear to any other event, so why keep it and have it take up space in your closet? Consider taking a creative approach to your one-day limit by scheduling a “Trash the Dress” photo shoot.


Now that your wedding day is over and your dress does not need to be in perfect condition, you and your photographer will have more creative freedom for some truly imaginative photos. You get one last chance to rock that wedding dress and show off your bridal elegance, and then trash it in a unique, fun and memorable way. Here at H Photography, we enjoy bringing couple’s wedding visions to life through artistic photos, which is why we are excited to tell you about one of the most inspiring photo traditions to date, the “Trash the Dress” photo session, so be sure to continue reading to discover more:

  • Cost. When you first start looking for your wedding dress, the price alone may make you want to walk right out of the store. Dresses can range from hundreds of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. When you think about it though, what is your alternative? Keeping your beautiful gown hidden away in a protective sleeve for years and maybe pulling it out once or twice? That does not sound like you are getting the most for your money! One last incredible, awe inspiring photo session is a great way to get your money’s worth and send your dress out with a bang.
  • Is this only for destination weddings? Although the exotic waters of the Bahamas are beautiful and romantic, it is important that you do not overlook the beauty in your own city. You can take advantage of your local rivers, lakes, swimming pools, mountains or fields of flowers, for a more unique “Trash the Dress” photo shoot. You are surrounded by beauty and you can take advantage of that within your photos.
  • No preservation hassle. It is important to keep your wedding dress clean and stain free before the wedding, but what about after the wedding? Many brides take their dress in for a final cleaning before laying it to rest in a special gown preserver that will do its best to protect it from aging. No matter how well you preserve your gown, time will always get its hands on your gown, and it will never look as amazing and magnificent as it did on your special day. After the dress is preserved, it is time for the bride to make room for it in the back of her closet, or worse, in the attic or basement. Being able to give your wedding dress a grand sendoff is a great way to capture romantic, intimate, and beautiful photos in your exquisite gown and skip the overbearing hassle of having to preserve it.

Your wedding gown can have more than one shining moment with a trash the dress photo session, as each and every element of your big day should be showcased in a unique and beautiful way. Here at H Photography, provide quality wedding photos and would love to honor your big day throughout gorgeous photos, so be sure to contact us today to start turning you wedding dreams into photographic works of art.

Some of our sessions can be seen on the Trash the Dress Page.

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  1. Beautiful photos! I wish they had trash the dress sessions years ago when I got married…so fun!

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