h-photography-12-19-16-1As your best friends and maybe even your sisters, your bridesmaids are your truest and closest companions. Through thick and thin, they are there with you offering support, unconditional love, and friendship. Surely, this is why they are the chosen few who will accompany you on stage as you marry your soul mate.

With your wedding day being such a vital point in your life, and your best friends by your side, it’s a good idea to capture your special moments through photography. However, there are a few key photos that you won’t want to miss with your bridesmaids.

Luckily, we have put together some memorable photos to capture with your bridesmaids. If you have wonderful ladies that have agreed to stand by your side on your big day, be sure to continue reading for some great inspiration:


  • Getting ready with your girls. Surely you have all gotten ready together for an event before, but this event is incredibly special. Hours of hair and makeup will have you sharing hilarious and happy memories together, as well as just enjoying the moment together. A few photos of everyone getting ready for this joyous occasion will add a complete look to your wedding album. This poses as a great way to showcase those matching robes, touching toasts and the transformation into beautiful bridesmaids.
Haley and her bridemaids having fun at Art Institute Chicago.
  • First looks. After spending hours getting ready to make your debut down the aisle, it’s time to slip on that dress. Your bridesmaids have seen your dress, they have seen your hair and makeup, but not together. The full effect of your bridal ensemble can only be felt when it is seen put together. After you slip on your dress you can do a first-look session with your girls. The shock and awe will light up their eyes and you will be able to catch it all on camera. Imagine looking back on those photos at a future girl’s night.
Taylor being helped by the bridemaids to get ready.
  • Pre-ceremony toast. As they have watched your accomplishments throughout life, they only want what’s best for you. A pre-ceremony toast is the perfect opportunity to spend a little time with your girls before the hectic wedding schedule steals you away. You can thank them for always being there for your, especially on such an important day, and they can toast to the success and happiness of your future. This heartfelt moment is lovely for photos.

From playing in the school yard to transforming into adults, you and your bridesmaids have always been there for each other. Your wedding is a life changing event that you won’t want to miss photographing it with your best friends.

Bride-maids-getting-ready-Eaglewood-Resort First-look-bridemaids-Winery-Estate looking-back-photo the-wedding-ring lauging-loud-bridemaids kissing-the-bride

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