As you plan your big day, there are many steps that you will take to make it special for you and your partner, from personalized details to incorporating your furry friends, and having an unplugged wedding will allow you to appreciate the details.

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After all, you want to start your marriage off right, don’t you?

When it comes to your wedding day, all too often, guests are taking their own photos, posting them online as your wedding day progresses, and tagging other individuals attending your big day. This presents its own concerns that may have you wanting to ban cell phones and cameras from your wedding altogether.

You can have an unplugged wedding! We know how important privacy is to your big day, as well as presenting details the way you want, and that’s why we have put together a few reasons as to why you should consider having an unplugged wedding. If you are hosting your own wedding, be sure to keep reading to discover more:

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  • It protects your privacy, as well as your guests.

    When you created a guest list, you decided who would be attending and who would not. Every guest that is present for your wedding has the power to capture photos of your big day and share them with anyone they wish. Whether they are posting photos on social media or sending them directly, you run the risk of exposing intimate moments from your big day with those who you may not want to have shared such information with. This is also true for your guests. Asking your guests to keep their phones put away for an unplugged wedding will help prevent this.

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  • It will keep your guests focused on your wedding.

    Our generation tends to get so wrapped up in documenting their memories that they forget to enjoy them as well. Your guests are likely to whip out their camera and photograph every aspect of your big day. This almost becomes synonymous with them watching it through a video rather than having attended the wedding in person. While they are busy recording and snapping photos, it is too easy for them to miss key moments that should be special. Limiting or altogether restricting phone and electronics can help refocus your guest’s attention on the wedding.

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  • It gives you the chance to show only the best photos of your special day.

    You have likely hired the very best photographer and maybe even a videographer. They specialize in capturing your wedding day in the best possible views, unlike your wedding guests. You can stop your guests from capturing unflattering, poorly timed, and limited quality photos by informing your guests that your big day is now an unplugged wedding.

An unplugged wedding has many benefits to your big day. These are just a few reasons as to why you should consider an unplugged wedding. Your wedding day is important and deserves only the best!