A person’s first reaction to great news or a special event is a wonderful way to catch a glimpse of their true emotions. When you announce big news to your partner, such as your new promotion, or surprise them with a gift, you watch for their facial reaction, as it will display their true feelings within the moment, and the same goes for the special moments within your wedding day.

You have probably been planning every single bridal detail, from your gorgeous gown and heels to that stunning makeup and hair style that took you hours of pampering to get just right. So, seeing as you have worked so hard to look your absolute best for your big day and of course your sweetheart, you will want to see the admiration in their facial expression as they see you in your bridal getup for the first time, as it is such an intimate moment.

However, waiting until you walk down the aisle for your partner to see you for the first time will not give you the best view of their excitement, but do not be discouraged, as you will still have opportunities to capture each intimate action within your first-look moment. Here at H Photography we have gathered the top reasons as to why you should consider having your first-look moment before your wedding ceremony, so be sure to continue reading for some inspiration:


  • Saves time. Your wedding day is a huge event, and there will certainly be a lot going on, so, to keep everyone on track, you may have created a wedding itinerary. Every bit of your wedding is planned down to the minute, from the moment that you walk down the aisle to the last wave as you and your partner drive off into the sunset, heading right for your honeymoon suite. So, planning a decent amount of time before your wedding ceremony allows you to capture your partner’s first-look reaction, while not taking away from any other special wedding activities, offering you more time after the wedding ceremony to focus on other photos and spending time with your loved ones to celebrate your nuptials.
A first look is a moment prepared and set up by your wedding photographer to see each other before the ceremony.
  • A relaxed pace. The stress of planning a wedding has most likely already been overwhelming, but adding the stress of making sure your wedding day goes off as planned as well as making enough time for photos between your ceremony and reception can just be too much. You have the opportunity to make time for first-look photos before your ceremony, so right after you and your partner vow yourselves to each other, you can go straight to the reception and begin celebrating. Being able to relax as your partner lays his eyes on you for the first time, and knowing that you are not in a rush, is certainly a wonderful idea.
Ussually, bride and groom would agree to do the first look away from family and friends to have privacy and to make that moment just for them.
  • More photos. It is important to know that if you want a task done right, you need to give yourself enough time to complete it, and your wedding photos follow the same logic. You need to give you and your photographer enough time to capture all of the desired shots, so choosing to do your first-look photos before your wedding ceremony will save you more time after your nuptials, for your photographer to capture even more photos.
Be nice! Turn off your device and enjoy the ceremony! Guest should experience the ceremony in a way you typically can’t do when you’re staring through a viewfinder or playing with your phone & tablet.”
  • The View. It often goes unnoticed that the Groom can’t always get a great view of his Bride as she walks down the aisle, as some of your guests will be taking photos, along with your photographer, for whom you paid good money for, making sure that each and every special moment is captured as she makes her debut. So, having a first-look before the ceremony allows for a special moment with no obstructing views.

As you plan your wedding, give yourself enough time to capture your wonderful first-look moment, as it is such a special element of your big day that should be highlighted within your photos. Here at H Photography, we pride ourselves on the ability to capture all of the special moments within your big day, so be sure to contact us today so that we can begin planning your Illinois photos.

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