Take a second to think about how often you take photos, and the memories you make.

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When you have a delicious meal that looks too good to eat, you will most likely capture an image to show off your delectable dish to others. When you first adopt a new animal, whether it be a puppy, reptile of sorts, or even a charming bird, you are surely going to take some photos to share. If your child looks absolutely adorable, you are certainly going to want to remember their age through photography.

Today, there are so many reasons to take pictures. How many do you have within your own phone or camera? One-hundred? Two-hundred? Upwards of Nine-hundred? As soon as you open social media, what do you see? Instagram is purely photos. Facebook provides status updates, but what does the bulk of your newsfeed look like? More often than not, you will see a multitude of photos.

Digital photos rule our time and memory space, in this day and age. But, will they be able to keep memories alive in the next 10 -20 years? Although we often take many photos to capture memories and show off something interesting we’ve encountered, these digital photos often get deleted to make way for new ones, or become lost and forgotten. Don’t you want to ensure that your photos are around forever?

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  • Trapped in the digital world. The digital world doesn’t require any hard copies. When you take photos, most of them won’t end up printed. These digital photos will stay stored on your computer where you can easily view them. However, how often do you go back and look at these pictures? How many times at Christmas or Family Gatherings do take everyone around the computer to share your stories in images? You can make a change when you hire a professional photographer, as they will capture your photos and print them, so they are readily available to view when technology isn’t. Your photos don’t have to stay trapped within your computer, never getting the attention they deserve.

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  • What about unsupported storage? The problems with digital photos today, isn’t just that they are only stored on your computer. But, what about the day that your device that is storing your photos, becomes outdated? Or Breaks or might be affeected by a magnetic storm? If you were tech savvy when floppy discs were constantly used, then you know that most computers do not support this outdated technology. Unless you have prints, all those photos are lost. What about the device holding your pictures now? How long until our USB sticks are outdated and then those photos are lost too? With printed photos, you have the opportunity to know they are safe, and able to view at any time, whether they are within an album or hanging within a frame on your wall.

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  • Permanent methods to view photos. Taking a look at your phone, there are probably many photos that you have shared on social media. They will certainly be viewable whenever you want to see them on your phone or computer, won’t they? But, what about that moment that you want to see that last photo you had with your best friend before they moved, and you have no internet? What if your phone’s battery is drained? Now, that photo has become out of reach. Because your picture wasn’t printed, you can’t view it when you need it most. Social media is not a permanent method to view your photos. If something were to happen to your social media sites, all of your memories are lost. When your professional photographer gifts you with gorgeous prints, there is no need to worry about technology not allowing you to view them!

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  • Those that have been discarded and forgotten. If you have gone through the trouble of saving your photos, updating your storage methods, and even organizing your memory cards, how often do you actually plug them in and view them? Imagine how many memory cards and USB sticks you have with a mass amount of photos on them. These pictures were precious enough to save, but have now been tucked away, to never be seen. Whether they are perfectly stored or have been thrown out over the years, how many of them have you forgotten? With professional photography prints, you will view them much more often. You can place them within a photo album that you can easily flip through, gift them to others, or even display them among your desk at work or home, giving your photos the recognition that they deserve.keep memories alive

The real question is, with all the digital photos that rule our lives now, that fill our phones and computers, will you still have them and will they still hold the same value, ten, twenty years down the road? Everywhere you look, there will be a camera. Those social media sites that take up most of your time and hold your precious memories, can be long forgotten in the future. It has been said that we will be the most photographed generation that doesn’t have a photograph in ten years. So, it is not the photography that will disappear in a decade or two, but people’s legacy. Your photos deserve to be treasured, and through professional photography, and prints, they can be.

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