Now that you and your partner are considering a destination wedding, you will be looking for the best location. It is important to remember that the location you choose will offer plenty to your big day, and that’s why a gorgeous destination wedding that showcases beautiful scenery and wonderful advantages is certainly idea.

Before you choose a random destination, we have a location that would be a stunning choice for you and your partner to tie the knot. Spain offers plenty of beauty and amenities to happy couples, like you and your partner, that want their big day to be incredibly unique.

We believe that Spain is an ideal choice for a destination wedding for many reasons! That’s why we have decided to share some advice as to why a destination wedding in Spain is a great choice for your own nuptials. To discover some great insight, be sure to continue reading:

  • A More Intimate Guest List. While having many people be present to support you on your big day sounds nice, it can start to seem less appealing the more you analyze it. Every extra person is a mouth to feed, a person to entertain, and another cost when planning simple details such as seating, venue size, and more. With a smaller guest list, you will have only your closest loved ones present for such an intimate event. Who do you really want to enjoy Spain with?
  • Planning Is Easier.Contrary to your initial dread, planning a destination wedding is much easier than hosting a traditional wedding. Not only are you planning for much less people, as discussed above, but many venues and hotels in such a popular location offer wonderful packages that take care of everything. From your transportation to your décor, Spain is ready to make your big day magical. This will save you from endless hours of planning your big day down to the tiniest detail.
  • A Bond Unlike Any Other. How many people do you know that can say they tied the knot in a foreign destination surrounded by their best friends? It’s unlikely. You and your partner can begin your marriage in a new land, while also bonding over your experience. The best part is, you won’t just be creating a unique bond with your partner, but you will also bond with your wedding party and limited guest list as well.
  • One of a Kind Wedding Photos.If you are looking for ways to make your wedding photos unique, why not choose a setting that not many people you have even experienced? Looking back on your photos, you will be able to relive the beauty of Spain and allow others to experience it themselves. The architecture, landmarks, history, and culture that Spain presents is truly exquisite!

If you aren’t convinced that a destination wedding is a wonderful idea, take a second to appreciate the stunning photos of this beautiful location. Not only is Spain beautiful, but the country will certainly look remarkable within your own wedding photos.

Destination wedding in Spain

Adriana and Ben’s wedding was a destination wedding that took place in Spain.They had a great time and a lot of fun taking photos by the beach right before the wedding ceremony.

Some fun photos were taken before the wedding in Valencia by The City of Arts and Sciences complex. The photoshoot was done here in on of the oldest cities and the third largest city, of Spain, is breathtaking.