Styled Wedding Photo Session in Scotland

 Rich in history and natural beauty, Scotland is a wonderful place! You can make your own history in this gorgeous setting when you host a destination wedding. Hopefully, you have heard about the wonderful opportunities that a destination wedding can offer. But, if you have heard horror stories about planning such a wedding, or about pulling one off, you have likely been misled.

Planning a destination wedding can often times be easier than planning a huge gathering in your local area. In fact, a new setting can be a breath of fresh air compared to your common and well-known local settings. Have you considered creating a dreamy destination wedding? If so, know that your guests and your wedding photos will thank you.

Consider the memories that will be completely exclusive to your wedding day, such as local culture, beautiful scenery, and exploring a foreign land. These memories will be showcased within your wedding photos, and Scotland will certainly pose as the perfect backdrop! To discover more about why Scotland would be a wonderful choice for your own destination wedding, be sure to continue reading:

Capturing Your Creativity

Interacting with the local setting is a great way to capture completely one of a kind photos for your album. Whether you enjoy the sunsets, check out the local architecture, adventure down the country roads, or even journey through the city life, Scotland has a variety of backdrops to offer to your photos. You can feel free to interact and move about these different settings to capture your own unique creative nature.

Unique Architecture

Scotland offers many intricate and stunning buildings, from the churches to the beautifully designed homes. Are you excited to discover the variety of buildings that Scotland has? The architecture in Scotland offers a lot for your photos. Not only will you be presented with intricate designs, but the materials of these buildings will bring unique textures to your photos. Brick, cobble stone, steel; these create lovely textures that will enrich each photo captured.

Being Natural

Scotland is well known for its natural setting, such as the lush greenery, rolling hills, and more. You can also showcase natural beauty when you allow yourself to feel comfortable during your photo session. Take your time, interact with your surroundings, and allow yourself to be genuine and natural with your partner. Showcasing a calm demeanor like this will allow you to look peaceful and happy within your photos, as though you belong in such a beautiful setting and that you are truly enjoying yourself.

Before you can have incredibly unique wedding photos in Scotland, you have to be open to a new adventure. These tips can help you feel confident in your own wedding photos as you embrace the beauty that Scotland presents.

Let’s give it up for one fabulous couple, who just so happen to be newlyweds. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Stanescu!

We thoroughly enjoyed photographing Mihai and Adriana’s wedding photo-session on a fall day traveling from London to Edinburgh.

The couple met in Romania and got married in London then a day later we traveled to Scotland for the wedding photo session.

I met Mihai for the first time when he kept company to a good friend that was getting married and was in search of a wedding photographer. Mihai was a true help for the groom and for the photographer. :)…

 and we hit it off. Since Mihai was passionate about photography we became great friends and shared lots of

thoughts about photography.

Their wedding day was flawless. Visit the London Wedding Photos to see it for yourself!