trash the dress

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Trash The Dress

This session should be one of the most fun and memorable part that comes after your wedding day is gone.  It gives you the opportunity to do something that you wouldn’t ordinarily do with your wedding dress. Trash the Dress represents a symbolic act – after all the fuss and hype of the big day it can be an act of rebellion against the image of the traditional bride. Also it can be a chance to feel like a fashion model for a few hours while wearing and enjoying one of the most significant pieces of clothing you will ever own.  It’s worth adding that you don’t actually have to trash your dress and  important thing is that you forget about the dress and just have fun, and this is what comes across in the photos.

I find the reason for wanting to trash your dress, is to give you a chance to completely let go of your inhibitions and make some memories of that gorgeous gown.

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