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Wedding Photos in Romania

This couple had a special guest that recently entered the world and represented so much more than a wedding. A baby. A creation. But alike the wedding, she reflected new life. The sun brightened the field to shine heavenly acceptance on the groom in his tuxedo and the beautiful bride in her wedding dress. Both with love struck eyes, striking confident poses of companionship in his hug, and comfort in her posture. In a dress, with a flower, wearing a necklace of elegant features alike the architecture used for a background, granted both bride and groom with their ideal photo session. Smiles on the faces of friends and family showered the wedding ceremony, making the wedding photography quite warming, and perfect. From the heart shaped design that the beverage glasses made placed on the countertop, to the wedding invitations, seating etiquette, and the four layered wedding cake, all looked amazing.

The wedding photos reveal the couple kissing below a waterfall, beneath a castle ceiling, and under the eyes of their humbling guests. Shots were taken in the grass by roadside while motorcycle riders innovatively blessed the bride with a moment to embrace her well-deserved freedom. Special shots of the bride posing through the sunroof on the road, while driving captured her with her arms extended, and free as a bird, as if to say ‘well done’ The wedding was a combination of many emotions that included love, growth, assurance, free-spirit, and of course Greek orthodox. The ceremony was filled with tradition, explaining the relaxation, and familiarization worn on the faces of all to witness and participate in the event. Many isolated photos of the bride were taken in different areas of the home. Holding red and white flowers, wearing a stunning white dress against the red rug and wall backdrop that had accented gold trim running through it, helped to give the bride nothing less than a royal presence. Bending her mid body forward and her back backwards, artistically copying the shape of the swerving staircase was done with much poise; with compliments from the natural light that came in through the window, contrasting the dark lighting background with a lighter spotlight as the light illuminated the steps she stood upon. In every photo there is one common characteristic that both the bride and groom share, something unique and inspiring to see. It was a look of accomplishment, as if this was their destiny that had worked out according to how it was pre-determined.

Photography by: Doru Halip

Assitant: Andre Sandrino

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