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Ana and Hunter – Two Very Different Personalities Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Ana and Hunter


 Ana and Hunter getting married at Adler Planetarium Chicago

Love has a way of making things happen even when we don’t want to. The perfect example of this is with Ana and Hunter, who told me that they, at first, did not like each other. The two first locked eyes on each other at the World of Life Bible Institute and thought their different personalities clashed too much. Ana was always so serious, whereas Hunter is always making jokes, laughing, and fooling around.

How they met.

It wasn’t until Christmas break and a small friend gathering did Ana show her more playful, fun side to Hunter. He really took notice and started to flirt with her a little bit more. By the grace of God, her prayers answered. God gave Hunter enough courage to finally talk to her on January 19th and the rest was history.

Meeting the Photographer

When I first met the couple in the fall of 2013, I was very happy that they considered our studio to photograph their wedding. Hunter was filled with joy to be close to Ana and they complimented each other very well. The moment I sat down with them, I had an instant connection and knew that I would really enjoy photographing their wedding.

Getting Ready

When I saw the couple for the second time, it was an honor for me to photograph their beautifully themed mix wedding. Ana was the Brazilian bride and Hunter, of American descent, was more than happy to take part in the Brazilian wedding party and to follow their customs. The Bride and bridesmaids first got dressed at the Hilton Palmer House. For this wedding, I had my awesome photography partner, Laurence, photograph the groom and his groomsmen over at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place, while I was at the other location.

wedding dress
reflection of bride getting ready
sexy bride
bride make up
the groom
groom getting ready


I loved photographing the girls get ready and have them create artistic images with me. The girls had a lot of fun making cute faces for the camera as they got into their make-up and dresses for the wedding. Hunter’s mom was also getting ready with Ana’s mom in the same hotel. When the ladies were all dressed up, they looked stunning. The bride was in traditional wedding-white dress and her friends were in an elegant black dress. The ladies held white flowers and had nicely manicured nails and the bride held red roses and wore a deep long veil.

Blindfolded First Look

When it was time to meet the groom, the bridal group left in a white limo and went to the ceremony at Adler Planetarium. This is one of my favorite locations for a wedding photo session at Adler Planetarium because of it’s landscaping, lighting, and great environment. Before the ceremony started, the couple wanted to have a quiet moment together, so that they could pray and talk. In order to not break any important traditions, Hunter was blindfolded, so that he could meet with Ana and talk to her. They met in the moon room and took a moment to speak to God.

blinded first look
blinded first look
Adler Planetarium first look

Wedding Photos Outside Adler Planetarium

The wedding photos Adler Planetarium officially begun when the couple came back at 6:30pm sharp. The ceremony outdoor with Chicago skyline in background was a memorable moment for both Ana, Hunter, and their wedding guests. As the officiant went through the ceremony and their wedding vowels were spoken, Ana had a very emotional moment and started to tear up. When the ceremony was finished, I took the couple and the bridal party to the side so that we could take more wedding photos at Adler Planetarium.

bridal party Adler Planetarium

wedding Chicago



Wedding Ceremony outside of the Planetarium

The couple having the ceremony outdoor with Chicago skyline in background was such a great idea and everyone had fun posing and hanging out together. When it was time for the reception, there were speeches and cake cutting to made, and of course, dancing. The groomsmen surprised the bride with a dance, then there was a great rock-inspired violin show, followed by a couple of Brazilian traditions at the wedding too.

Adler Planetarium Outdoor

wedding ceremony

Adler Planetarium Ceremony `


wedding in Chicago

The reception at Adler Planetarium

The reception was very nicely designed and fit exactly with the mix wedding theme. The chairs were white and the tables were decorated in black with white flowers as centerpieces. The couple also had special gifts laid out for their friends. There were nicely printed cards for each guest so that they could write a short message for the couple to read on their next anniversary. It was a very touching and wonderful night to be a part of.

Before I finish this I must say thank you to Leanne Valdez wedding planer as she did the most amazing job coordinating the grandiose wedding of Ana and Hunter.

Photographer: Doru Halip

Assistant: Laurence Cristian

Wedding Planner: You Name It Events

Make up and Hair: Carrie Wilson and Katie Cifone with Montage M

DJ: Zack Champagne

Band: Arlene Music Production

Flowers: Faith Cameron – The Floral Company

Venue: Adler Planetarium Chicago

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