Providing Your Wedding Guests with Dress Code Guidance

It is becoming more common for brides and grooms to provide their wedding guests with a little dresscode guidance. The vast majority of your guests will greatly appreciate your doing so. People want to be sure that the wedding outfit they are planning to wear will be appropriate.

If you provide them with a little advice, narrowing down their options, when they browse through  or a similar website will be a lot easier for them. However, there is a right and a wrong way to provide this type of guidance. Here are a few approaches you could take. You need to choose the one that you feel comfortable with.

Include a dress code on your wedding invitation

The approach most brides and grooms take is the simplest one, which is to include it on the wedding invitation. If you are holding the ceremony and reception in the same location you are probably not expecting your guests to change what they are wearing. In that case, you can mention the dress code at the bottom right of the invitation.

If you are holding your wedding reception on a different day you may have two dress code suggestions. In that situation, it is best to mention the dress code as the last line for each event, under the location.

Provide advice on your wedding website

Many modern brides and grooms put together a simple wedding website. This is an excellent idea. They are a great way to pull all of the information everyone needs together in one place.

You can for example include a map and detailed directions to your wedding and reception venues. Plus, of course dress code information. On a website, you are able to give more detailed and practical advice.

For example, if you are holding your reception outside on a grass surfaceyou might want to remind your guests to choose suitable footwear. That way, people are less likely to turn up wearing high heels which would make it difficult for them to walk on the grass.

Putting together a wedding website is not difficult and it need not be expensive to do either. This article explains the different options that are available to you if you want to create a wedding day website.

Be prepared to provide more support for a themed wedding


If yours is a themed wedding and you would like your guests to dress to fit in with that theme it is well worth providinga little extra advice. Usually, your close friends and family will have no problem working out what they are going to wear. However, other guests may struggle to do so. They may not be familiar with the subject of your theme.

So, it is always worth adding a little extra guidance to your wedding site. Some brides and grooms even go as listing shops and websites that specialise in selling or hiring out the right type ofclothing. Adding photos of people dressed in a way that follows your theme can also help.

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