6 Tips for Staying Calm on Your Wedding Day to Present Beautiful Photos

Quite often, you will hear many people advising you to stay calm on your wedding day!

staying calm at wedding

This is great advice for many reasons, as it will allow you to enjoy your special day without stress, set a calm and happy mood using your own emotions, and your wedding photos will also benefit from your relaxed demeanor.

You may be asking yourself how your stress levels can have any effect on your wedding photos. All you have to do is pose and smile, right? Wrong! Yes, there will be some posed photos where your beaming smile will look great. But, your wedding album relies on more than just your composed photos. A really beautiful wedding album will capture the organic moments that take place on your special day, creating a genuine experience.

If you are feeling stressed or frazzled, your partner and your guests will see it. If they can see it, you can bet that it will show within your wedding photos. Certainly, you won’t want to look back on your images and see how stressed you were, as you will want to remember your wedding day fondly. Therefore, we have gathered a few tips to assist you with staying calm on your own wedding day, so that you can present beautiful photos. If you are ready to take in some great advice, be sure to continue reading:


  • You Time. Hosting a large event, such as your wedding, can take its toll on you! Your guests are looking to you for direction, trying to get a little face time with the happy couple, and you are trying your hardest to keep everything moving smoothly. You deserve to take a little time for yourself. After the ceremony, you can sneak away for some personal time with your partner. Your guests will be entertained at cocktail hour, so this is the perfect time to take a breather and relax.


  • Comfort. When things get stressful, even the smallest annoyance can take your stress and turn it into a full-blown bad day. One detail that most brides forget is how stiff and brand new their wedding shoes are. To avoid wedding day blisters that will certainly hinder your special day, break your shoes in before your nuptials! Who knew that doing such a simple task could present you with some much-needed comfort? After all, if you are comfortable, you will present a much happier appearance for your photos.


  • Family Time. Who is there for you when you need it the most? Of course, your partner is one, but your parents have been there since day one! You can take comfort in their presence. It is scientifically proven that hugging can relieve stress and lift moods. Take a moment to hug your parents. They will appreciate the attention, and you can feel comforted and calm.


  • Delegate. There will be so many tasks that will need to be completed on your wedding day. This can certainly be overwhelming! Therefore, it is important that you don’t try and take on all of these tasks on your own. Delegate some of the things that need completed to others, such as having someone ensure that your vendors have arrived and are ready to provide services, and even someone to help hold your dress as you have your photos captured. Having some help will certainly assist with keeping you calm.


  • Communicate. It is important that you don’t keep your emotions held in on your big day! You may be feeling nervous, anxious, overly excited, and it is important that you share your feelings with those around you. Communicating your feelings will allow you to release any negative energy that you may be holding on to. In addition, those around you will help to comfort you and put you at ease.


  • Don’t Stress the Small Things. You have taken many months, if not years, planning your perfect wedding! Therefore, you should have confidence in its outcome. It is important to not stress out about any of the small details, such as if there is enough wine for all of your guests, or if you are standing even in your group photos. Know that everything will fall into place, just as it should, and your big day will be spectacular!

These tips are a great way to maintain your Zen on your special day, allowing you to shine beautifully within your wedding photos! After all, you should love every moment of your wedding day, and staying free of stress is the best way to do so.

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