Best Engagement Session Chicago
This time of year we always see an increase of people, however the good thing is when we got to the actual beach we hit the golden hour where the sun had just started to set.

         Engagement Photography in Chicago with Hayley and Alex

When I first met Hayley and Alex, I instantly knew we would be taking some very unique engagement photos with them in the Chicago area. The couple plans to have their wedding in February at the Art Institute of Chicago.

I love Chicago city because you always find couples from a variety of different backgrounds with some great and interesting combinations. I think this was one of the best engagement session in Chicago.

By; Doru Halip

Union Station Chicago engagement photo
We headed to downtown Chicago where both Hayley and Alex work. Hayley has reddish hair and wore a leopard print dress with nude heels. Alex wore a purple shirt with blue jeans and some shoes with red laces. The couple walked hand and hand as they past the giant pillars at Union Station.


Engagement Session at Union Station
We first started at Union Station where magnificent columns make a great background for engagement photos.

Hayley and Alex engagement photos

Magnificent Mile engagement photo
Then we made our way to Magnificent Mile area around the Trump Tower.
Engagement photo session in front of Trump tower Chicago
The weather was very nice to us that day! The light made colors and reflections to pop up everywhere!
Chicago river view
As we walked down Magnificent Mile, we took a second to enjoy Chicago’s river and scenery.
Unique engagement photo Chicago
We went to a special place in downtown Chicago where you can get an interesting and unique perspective of the city.


Motion engagement photo
It was as if the world was moving around them and their love was untouched!
Unique engagement shot on Michigan avenue
We then moved to busier streets and had the couple stand still as the rest of the world walked by them.
Golden hour engagement photos
This time of year we always see an increase of people, however the good thing is when we got to the actual beach we hit the golden hour where the sun had just started to set.
North Beach Chicago engagement photo
For the final shots, we headed to North Beach Chicago and it was extremely busy but we managed to find good peaceful spots.
The Drake hotel in engagement photos
The Drake hotel made a cool background for Alex and Hayley.

spinning photo with Chicago skyline in background

Couple in Love
The tall buildings also added an excellent touch for this amazing couple in love.


Engagement photo by the Chicago beach
Walking by the beach with Navy Pier in background it was an amazing feeling.
Engagement photos with Chicago sunset
Sunset in Chicago.
Romantic moments in engagement photos
We seized the lighting opportunity and took sunset engagement photos on the beach has the couple spent a few romantic moments kissing each other.
Chicago best engagement session
Last shot for the day!

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  1. Your so lucky to be able to shoot in such an amazing city as Chicago. This engagement session is just breathtaking. I love the shot with Trump tower in the back. The city is gorgeous!!

  2. Downtown Chicago is a beautiful location for engagement photos. The couple is so in love and I love the vibrant colors .

  3. I love how you brought out the personality of the couple during their engagement session. The vibrant colors, motion, and panoramic portraits are just incredible! Great job!

    1. Thanks Samantha!! Alex and Hayley are such a cool people it’s impossible to miss their personality!
      Chicago makes an amazing background for the photo sessions!

  4. Holy wow! I honestly don’t know how this Chicago couple will chose their photographs from all these amazing images!
    Right when I think I have a favorite engagement photo…I get blown away by the next!
    Great job on photographing this gorgeous couple!!

  5. Chicago has the most stunning locations for engagement and wedding portrait sessions…and you take full advantage of that! Your work is always beautiful!

  6. Really unique engagement session in Chicago! They have so many awesome locations to choose from for their portraits!

  7. Absolutely stunning Engagement session, I could only imagine the excited these two had going through there amazing gallery! I must say my favorite would be the one in front of The Drake building as that’s my baby boys name. The lighting is so beautiful in all your photographs, all the locations you had the opportunity to shoot at are amazing! Great work!!

    1. Thank you Jennifer. What a cool name for your baby boy! Alex and Hayley were so much fun!

  8. What a beautiful engagement session! I love all of the fun Chicago locations!

  9. Wow! the pictures at the beach look outstanding! love them all. The couple looks so in love and happy, very nice work!

  10. Chicago is my favorite city! It has some of the coolest architecture! Great session! I am sure this couple absolutely adores their images!

    1. Thank you Kathy! Chicago is my favorite city too! I love taking photo sessions in downtown area.

  11. Awesome photos!

  12. Bravo!

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