Marriage and Civil Union Court Chicago

Marriage and Civil Union City Hall Chicago – Wedding Photos with Heather and Seth.

It was good to see Heather and Seth again. We had photographed them last year for an engagement photo session shoot in Crystal Lake in the winter. Heather had warned us that Seth was a little bit camera shy and doesn’t like to pose too much, but I think we got some pretty good shots of him and his wife. Heather on the other hand is very expressive in photos, so we tried to combine the two very contrasting styles.

Photography: Doru & Claudia Halip

Heather is getting ready at Witt Double Tree in Chicago
Heather wearing her traditional white wedding dress and peach heels near the famous skylines.
Candid shots of groom getting ready
I joined Seth at their home in Bucktown. Seth was at home getting ready with his brother.
Luxurious room for bride to get ready at Witt Double tree in Chicago
Claudia went with Heather at the Witt Double Tree in Chicago
Heather being helped to get ready by her sister.


Seth reading the letter from Heather's students
When Seth finished getting ready, he opened the letter Heather had written him and was very moved by it. Heather is a teacher and even some of her students had added a few things about Heather in that letter that got him a little emotional.
Unique portrait of Heather in the hotel room
Heather was getting ready in a very luxurious room with great views toward the Chicago skyline, so Claudia the photographer definitely took advantage of that.
Seth waiting for Heather at City Hall in Chicago

bride-shoes-and-ring beautiful-wedding-dres

A candid shot producing unique family portrait
The couple wanted a very relaxed wedding with just their family.

beautiful-bouqet-for-beautiful-bride portrait-at-Witt-double-Tree

Candid fun shots of couple
We took some fun shots of everyone before they went inside for the ceremony.
Fun shots at Civil Union Court.
When everybody was ready, we met Heather and her family at the Civil Union Court.

Marriage-court-chicago Marriage and Civil Union Court Chicago

The judge had them exchanging rings
The judge had them exchanging rings
Wedding vows and pronounced husband and wife
The Judge read them their vows and signed the papers that pronounced Seth and Heather husband and wife.
wedding pic around the marriage and union house chicago
When the ceremony was finished we took some more photos around the Marriage Court House

artistic wedding photo at the Marriage Court House artistic-wedding-picture Civil-Union-court-wedding-photo

Opera House Chicago providing a beautiful background for wedding pictures
We started at the beautiful old Opera House


Taking wedding photos in rainy day Chicago
On that particular day it had been a little rainy and that was just the perfect spot for Civil Union Court wedding photos.
Opera House chicago wedding photo
Using the elegant columns from Opera House as a backdrop.
Fun pictures around Chicago area
We went around the Chicago area taking lots of fun pictures.
Fun shot with cupcake
Seth and Heather saw a food truck parked by the side of the street selling cupcakes.
Cupcake treat for wedding pictures
Heather and Seth celebrated their wedding with a spontaneous cupcake treat .

bridal-party-shot fog-and-bride life-of-busy-chicago first-look-place-idea

Colorfull umbrella to capture journalistic shot
We used colorful umbrellas to capture a fun element into it while also incorporating the live life of busy Chicago.
Seth’s mom trying a cigar for the first time…

candid-shot-H-photography H-Photography-wedding-photo-Chicago Heather-portrait-opera-house kissing-the-bride unique-veil-photo mother-of-the-bride father-of-the-bride family-portrait photo-session-opera-house-chicago weding-photo-on-escalator portrait-at-opera-house-Chicago

Celebration the wedding by smoking a cigar
Seth sat next to his brother for a celebratory cigar
Wedding party at couple's home
We later went back to the couple’s home where everyone was waiting to continue the party.

the-place-where-they-first-meet wedding-picture-in-front-of-Board-of_trade

We took some fun shots of everyone before they went inside for the ceremony.
We took some fun shots of everyone before they went inside for the ceremony.



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  1. This has to be the most amazing court house wedding in history. It’s not your typical court house wedding. This shows that a wedding doesn’t have to be in a church or with a huge wedding party and still have a dream wedding. It is your photographer that makes your wedding day a wonderful memory with amazing photos.

  2. I love that courthouse nuptials can be just as beautiful! You got some really fun photos of the bride and groom afterwards too!

  3. I have never seen such a beautiful and creative courthouse wedding! I love how you were able to use Chicago as an elegant backdrop and incorporate some fun into their special day.

    1. Thank you Jennifer. Chicago is an amazing backdrop for wedding photos.

  4. I really like the contrast of the country setting where their home is, and the big city Chicago setting where the ceremony was. Boy does Chicago make a stunning backdrop for photos! Civil Union Court has some great scenery as well! This couple is beautiful, and I am sure they are so happy they hired H Photography to document their day!

  5. Okay, I’m IN LOVE with this wedding!!! For starters, they couldn’t have gotten married in a better place: Chicago! And your photography is astounding: the reflections, the creativity! I could look at these photos all day long, lol. And I swear, I stayed in that exact building (the one the bride and groom readied themselves in) last time we were in the Windy City — down near the river and Navy Pier, that’s an awesome place for the shots you got! I’m in love — in love! — with this! <3

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