Tips for Engaged Couples Planning Their Photoshoot

There are many different views on love and how to know if you have found “the one”. Some say that it is someone that makes you be a better version of yourself, while others say that it will be someone who loves all of your flaws. No matter what you feel is right, you know that you have found “the one”. If getting engaged is right around the corner, or has already happened, know that this is an incredibly exciting time within your life!


We would like to say congratulations on your new life milestone. An engagement has certainly caused quite an exciting stir in your life, and celebrating it is a great way to help the moment feel more real. Drinks, dinner, parties, and even photoshoots are a great way to honor your new relationship status and share the excitement with your closest loved ones.

Before you book your engagement photoshoot, there are a few helpful tips that you should keep in mind. To discover some great insight, be sure to continue reading:


  • Your New Ring. Now that a gorgeous ring sits upon your finger, you will certainly want to show it off, and doing so in your photoshoot will be a great way to announce your engagement or even share the special details of your moment. Imagine a clear image of your ring sparkling on your finger. Isn’t it a beautiful sight? While your ring among your finger will certainly create some gorgeous photos, there are some other ways to showcase yours, such as: Within its lovely box, sitting atop a cupcake, slipped among your high-heel, sitting among petals of flowers…the opportunities are truly endless!
  • Being Comfortable in Your Photos. If you are comfortable, it will show in your photos. You can ensure that you feel comfortable by letting things happen organically and taking comfort in your partner. Also, the more comfortable you feel, the more confident you will look in your photos. So, don’t focus on the camera or your photographer, and just cherish the time that you are spending with your partner, for natural and beautiful photos.
  • The Perfect Setting. Where you capture your engagement photos will play a huge role in creating flawless images. Think of places that hold meaning to you and your partner. These will add a special element to your photos, as you have created a connection with that specific location. Also, consider foot traffic of your chosen location. You certainly wouldn’t want anyone photo bombing your engagement pictures. Other elements to consider are lighting, familiarity, and if the weather will affect your photos. The perfect location will certainly accentuate your images and your love story!Instagram engagement
  • Your Stunning Attire. Have you started choosing your clothing for your photoshoot yet? Be sure that your clothing is clean and wrinkle-free. Choosing a few outfits can give you variety for your photos and serve as a backup in case of an emergency. Coordinating outfits can be a great option as well and will create a cohesive look for you and your partner. It also helps to set your outfits out the night before your photoshoot in a safe place. It would be best to avoid clothing that is too flashy or showcased logos, as to not take away from your photos.


Planning your engagement photoshoot can be much easier when you use these tips to your advantage. Celebrate your new relationship status with an incredible photo session that will leave you with unforgettable memories, give you and your partner the opportunity to bond, and provide stunning photos to display in your home and to share with loved ones.


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