Engagement Photos Craig and Diana

Diana and Craig posing at Millenium Park in Chicago Engagement photo session in Chicago at Michigan Lake with Diana and Craig

Diana and Craig will be having their wedding in October on the Bloomingdale Golf Club.
The couple was very excited that they will be spending the rest of their lives together and could not wait for the wedding to happen sooner.
Diana and Craig found out about our wedding photography studio through another couple, Laura and Derek, who I photographed for their wedding in Woodstock.
It was a beautiful wedding and I was so glad that I could catch up about them with Diana and Craig.

It turns out that Diana and Craig are big travelers like us and have visited all over Europe, so we had tons of things to chat about during the session.
The overall environment during the photo shoot was very relaxed, yet exciting.

We photographed all along the Chicago area.

The engagement photo session first began at Union Station where the couple was dressed a little more formal. The couple brought along few props that I used during the shoot, which I think came out really well.
Craig came with the idea to get few shots from his windows as it offers an amazing view towards the Chicago river and bridges.
We then went to Craig’s office which had an amazing view of the city and it even overlooked the Chicago river. We also took a quick stop by the Board of Trade in Chicago for some timeless photos.

The couple decided to change into something a little more causal and we left to go to visit Michigan beach. We got some great shots of the beautiful waves in the background as well as the Drake hotel. The beach wasn’t too crowded, so the couple and I were able to capture some amazing photos with just the two of them.

The couple was just beaming with light and felt very comfortable in front of the camera. It was like the two were in their own little world together and I tried to capture this in my photos. The weather was very nice and the wind was not too strong, which made the photo shoot go very smoothly. I am very excited to see both Craig and Diana get married in October and be able to capture their special once-in-a-lifetime moment together.

It was a great engagement photo session in Chicago at Michigan Lake and I’m excited to see the couple again soon at their wedding at Bloomingdale Golf Club

Doru Halip – H Photography

assistant: Marian Nestor

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  1. What a cute shoot! I love the city shots they are like corporate headshot portraits meet loving couple session, so modern and cool! 🙂

    1. Thank you Laura! We incorporated Craig’s office into the engagement session.

  2. Love this Chicago engagement session! They must be so in love with their photos!

  3. Cool stuff. I could see it was Chicago from the very first image. So many iconic shots, here. I bet the couple are really happy.

  4. Such a sweet couple! Love chicago. You did a great job of capturing their love and the city!

  5. Oh so sweet. Can’t wait ti see their amazing Chicago wedding photos!

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