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Engagement session using signs to create save the date cardHalloween Day With An Engagement Photo Session


We then took to the Navy Pier and photographed near the docks for a little bit before the couple decided to change outfits. Tobi wore a white shirt and red pants, which matched perfectly with Ola’s white dress and red slip-ons. There was a bit of a moment where zombies crashed their engagement session because it was close to the Halloween holiday, so we seized the moment and got some good shots in. When we were at the Navy Pier, we got some great shots of the Ferris wheel in the background as well as the famous Chicago skyline and ocean.

For the last part of our engagement photo session, I went with the couple to Salee Bridge. There was also another outfit change where Tobi was in a nice gray suit, white undershirt, and bright blue tie. Ola looked fantastic as well in a bright blue matching dress and a bright red coat for contrast. This time Tobi brought along his saxophone instead of his guitar, which Ola got to dance to!

One of the important reasons why an engagement photo session is so vital is because the couple gets to seize the opportunity to test-run a photographer before their wedding day. It also helps the photographer understand how and where the best angles are, capture their particular style and humor on film, and more. In the case with Tobi and Ola, they will be using some of their photos for their Remember The Day wedding invitations! They plan to wait until next summer to have their wedding at the White Pine Golf Course in Bensenvilee and their reception at the Avalon Banquet in Elk Grove Village.

Photographer: Doru Halip

Assistant: Marian Nestor

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  1. Thaddeus January 15, 2015 at 8:40 pm #

    Great job…..Really nice! Really beautiful 🙂

  2. Nancy January 20, 2015 at 8:57 pm #

    Absolutely beautiful, Great work!

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