Best Engagement Shoot Backdrops

Keenan and Matt posing in nature

Best engagement photo on rainy day

The Best Engagement Shoot Backdrops

Engagement shoots are just as important as the wedding pictorial because it is like the prequel to the main event. We will never understand why the love between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen is so strong if we did not watch how they fell in love in the first instalment of  The Twilight Saga. Finding the perfect backdrop for your engagement shoot is the key to a successful pictorial. You need to choose a place that is significant to both you and your partner – it could be the place where you first met or first kissed; a dream vacation; or your first holiday together. A successful engagement shoot will be able to tell your love story through pictures. Here are some of the best places and moments to shoot engagement pictorials:

Rainy Day

Getting soaked in the rain is very romantic and it also adds drama to the pictures. Do you remember the scene from the movie The Notebook where Allie (Rachel McAdams) jumped over Noah (Ryan Gosling) who held her tight and kissed her in the rain? The diamond on Allie’s ring was very prominent, so make sure to choose the perfect engagement ring because that will be one of the spotlights of the pictorial. If you are looking for a unique ring, then check out some jewellers online that offer customised engagement rings.

Engagement Photography


Most couples choose nature as their backdrop whether it was taken at the beach, countryside, or on top of the mountain. The beauty of Mother Nature epitomizes freedom, endless love, and romance. It is like you and me against the world. Nothing can beat the combination of breathtaking scenery and two people in love.

Keenan and Matt posing in nature

Unconventional Locations

Choosing unconventional locations are perfect for quirky couples or those who just want to have a good laugh. If you first met at the laundry mat just like in the movie  40 Days and 40 Nights, you can have a casual engagement shoot in that place. Pictures of you and your partner laughing and having a blast capture happy times together.

Photography: Claudia and Doru Halip

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