Bianca and Vali Engagement Photography in December

Here we are again, dear blog readers!

Last month I photographed Bianca and Vali in Schuamburg, IL . This soon-to-be wedded couple will be getting married on February 2019. I am very excited to be their wedding photographer.

Bianca-Vali Cold outside winter engagementHere is their story:
 How did you meet?

Bianca: We met during a summer camping trip with some friends in the Upper Peninsula. Valentin was so attentive to my needs. He came up to me and asked if I was hungry and I told him I was not, but of course he went and made me a burger. We sat around the campfire and talked and went stargazing. After that camping trip we kept in touch and got to know each other better, and here we are now almost two years later

fun-picture lovely couple

How did the proposal go?

The proposal happened in such a way that I had no idea Valentin was planning the proposal. The day before, Valentin was planning the proposal while I was at work. When I got home, I was expecting to see him home, but he was no where to be seen. I was very upset when I saw he wasn’t there. The next day, my brother asked if we wanted to go to a park and I told him that was a good idea! We went to Shaw Nature Reserve Park and we came upon a nicely decorated gazebo, which is where he proposed to me.

engagement ring

Tell me about the details you’re most excited about for your upcoming wedding!

We are excited to see how all the decorations and handmade centerpieces will look once everything is finally set up.

engagement session Schaumburg Christmas Tree background

Where are you getting married and where is the reception? Why did you choose these locations?

We are getting married at The Vineyard at the Riverbend Chapel and the reception will be at the same location. We chose this location because it has a beautiful view and the chapel looks amazing! The location was very convenient and less driving for everyone.

I know it’s going to be a gorgeous wedding! These two are real naturals in front of the camera, despite the brutal cold weather.

Their genuine love for each other made this photo shoot one to remember! Here’s to many, many happy years together!

CHRISTMAS unique-shot indoor-engagement playing-with-shadow black and whiteWhat was your favorite part of the e-session?

We really liked the second part of the photoshoot in the hotel and the ideas/creativity the photographer had.

How was your overall session experience?

The session went very well, and we really enjoyed getting to experience our first professional photo shoot with such an outstanding photographer.

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