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Kiran and Nisha Mehndi night

Kiran and Nisha are a beautiful and special Indian couple. The month of November brought one of the most interesting events that we had the honor to photograph. This unique event was the traditional wedding of Kiran and Nisha. Their astonishing engagement photos took place in the city of  Dundee, Illinois. The photo shoot was taken in a park on a lovely day of October.
Their wedding took place on November 3rd,  but it began on November 1st with  the traditional Mehndi night known as the night of Henna. On this night the hands and feet of the bride were decorated with artistically designs. The design chosen was a floral piece which symbolized fertility. On this inspirational Mehndi Night only the relatives and friends of the bride took part in. During this festivity the bride gets advice from the elderly women about married life.


One of the superstitions is about how long the henna design will stay on the bride’s arm. If it remains longer on the bride’s arm than the groom, it means that the bride will be treated well.  The ceremony continued with the women singing traditional songs for the prosperity of the couple. This extraordinary Mehndi Night took place at the Farmingdale North Club House in Downers Grove, Illinois.We’ll come back with a post about Garba night tradition that took place right before their wedding day. This was such an inspirational experience !!

by: Doru Halip
H Photography

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  1. Wow! The wedding looks fabulous. It is really important to have a good photographer for wedding. They made the images lively like a picture perfect.

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  3. Beautiful pictures of the wedding, nice.

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