Indian Wedding in Chicago area

Indian Wedding

Garba Night with Kiran & Nisha

Here we have the spectacular part two celebration of Kiran & Nisha Indian wedding. This traditional ceremony is entitled Garba Night, which took place in the wonderful Hoffman Estates Park District, Illinois. The day before the wedding, this distinctive Garba Night incorporated energetic dancing.


It integrated rhythmic dancing steps in a circle and it was performed solo. The melodic songs are extended around 30 minutes, but the people love to unite and dance together for as long as they can. Kiran and Nisha were talented dancers. It was such a delight to watch them bring beautiful synchronization to the dance floor. The next fascinating part was the Raas. This was a dance in pairs that included holding sticks. These sticks were called “Dandia”. The music is slow-paced at the beginning but it speeds up as the song continues. While dancing, each partner hit each other dandia in the rhythm of the music. During this lovely night, we had the opportunity to work with our colleague Angela Muntean Photography who came all the way from Florida to help and enjoy this special Indian Wedding ceremony. It definitely has been a wonderful experience!
Doru and Claudia Halip

Here are the photos from their Indian Wedding in Chicago Area

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