Reasons Why We Don’t Offer Just Digital Files to Our Clients

These days, couples are storing all of their photos and memories on their computer, through digital files.

digital files

However, with hackers and technical malfunctions, computers tend to fail and those precious memories are lost forever. This can be detrimental to your big day. Your wedding day memories will forever be preserved within your photos, and if lost, you can lose all of the photos that you hold so dear.

When meeting their photographer for the first time, couples are curious to see what options they will get when storing their photos. Some professionals do offer digital files, while others choose to exclude this option from their offers.

If you are disappointed to hear that your photographer doesn’t offer digital files, we have a few things that may change your mind. Keeping your wedding photos safe is a must, and digital files may not be the best way to do so. Therefore, you will want to receive some other options as well! To discover what these options are, be sure to continue reading:

digital files

  • The Importance of Prints. When you can hold something in your hand, it tends to have more value. For example, having your wedding photos in a lovely album allows you to grab your pictures with ease and show any guest or loved one you want. Sharing your beloved moments is a great way to offer a part of your story and share a little more about who you are.

digital files

  • Creating an Album. When you gather your favorite photos, you can create an album documenting your beautiful day. Not only will this showcase your favorite photos, but can read as a story, illustrating your wedding day through artistic imagery. By having actual prints, you can comprise an album that is exclusive to you and your big day.

digital files

  • Sharing Your Photos. It’s easy to send photos over social media sites. All too often, these photos go unnoticed, become forgotten, or can even be lost in the mass amount of messages you will share. These shared photos become more work for your loved ones, as they have to transfer them and take them to the store to be printed. Instead, you can send prints to your loved ones so they can hang them in their favorite frames. It is more reliable and less work for them.

digital files

  • Your Own Displays. Hanging photos in your home will allow you to view your happy memories at any moment. The life of a newlywed couple is pretty hectic, and you won’t always have the time to make it to your local print shop to display photos. This can mean that you won’t have your beautiful photos displayed in your home for quite some time. You can adorn your home with your stunning photos with ease when you receive prints.

digital files

  • Personal Experiences. Our main reason for wanting to explain why it is so important to offer items other than just digital prints, is because we have had past experiences with clients getting in touch with us years after their wedding day, saying that they have lost their digital files. Whether their computer crashed, or they were lost when moving into a new home, you certainly would never want to experience such an unfortunate event. This caused us to then realize how important it truly is to ensure that our clients are presented with their photos in a multitude of ways.

Now that you know a little more about the dangers of strictly using digital files to store your photos, you can understand why we don’t only offer them, as you deserve other alternatives as well. Being able to visit your wedding pictures for many years is the greatest part about hiring a professional wedding photographer.


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